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What Gives Events Their Pulling-Power

People looking into the events organising sector from the outside tend to think it’s something they can easily get cracking with and set up from zero to profit in no time. Some of the thinking which drives this fallacy is the fact that a lot of housewives start what go on to be rather successful [&hellip


Dirty nappies and sex on the sofa – too much information?

Blogging about sex, drugs and nappies netted this mother a fortune – but also a lot of hate mail She posted this uproarious rant when her daughter soiled her nappy: “The smell hit me LIKE AN AX [sic] IN THE FACE. I managed to turn her body away from mine and then I saw it, [&hellip


Mummy bloggers know best

Companies are rushing to sponsor the increasingly popular blogs that offer tips on parenting. Scott set up British Mummy Bloggers,, in late 2008 to create a focus for the nascent community. She now runs four different blogs:A Modern Mother, Thames Valley Mums, London Mums and Ex Pat Mums, and the community has grown to more [&hellip