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The Most Valuable 50p Coins

The Royal Mint is expected to release a new series of 50p coins in limited to honour the great work of Beatrix Potter. This is just about a year after a first set of themed coins about Peter Rabbit were produced. They were released to commemorate the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of [&hellip


Using Culture, Themes and Tradition to Get Ahead

Make no mistake about it – some if not all of the social networking platforms we use can make for a serious time vortex, with many users spending hours upon hours on end essentially doing a lot of nothing! I’m often particularly irked by some of those apps which have been recently doing the rounds. [&hellip


Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Tub

So you’re now totally convinced that you need to have a hot tub in your life and you’re even putting the money together to have one installed, but in your haste to get one you need to take the time to consider some factors which will ensure you continue to have an after-purchase and after-installation [&hellip