I’m not an avid gamer myself. I usually don’t have the time or the energy to engage in lengthy quests for entertainment. When I do play, though, I like my game to be simple, quick and action packet. Casual games like Candy Crush and its clones are not appealing to me, though. But I found the perfect alternative: slot machines. And when I looked at them from a blogger’s perspective, I found that slot machines are a great thing to write about. Here, let me give you a few reasons why.

1. Plenty of source material

Casino slots are the most diversified casino games you can find. Let’s see: there are three reel slots, five reel slots (these are the most common) and a series of different ones to try. They can have one pay line, three pay lines, anywhere up to 1024. And when it comes to variety, they are unmatched – just take a look at the game library at the Royal Vegas.


The Royal Vegas casino has one of the largest game libraries from a single developer. Its downloadable suite consists of over 700 casino game titles to try, with most of them being video slot machines of various kinds. Their themes are as diversified as they can be. There is a slot machine there for everyone: sports fans, movie goers, rockers and even video games can find something for their tastes. Trying them all would take an eternity – especially since at least one new game is added to the library each month. And when you take a look at the special offers and promotions the Royal Vegas has for you, it will be one more reason not just to write about them, but to try them yourself.

A visitor tries a slot machine at Global Gaming Expo Asia in Macau June 8, 2011. Macau, the world?s largest gaming market, looks set to maintain its explosive growth with revenue this year likely to grow by 30 percent, its gambling regulator said on Tuesday.   REUTERS/Bobby Yip   (CHINA - Tags: BUSINESS SOCIETY) - RTR2NFIU

2. Big wins and jackpots

Slot machines come with the biggest prizes of any game: jackpots. When these are won, lives are changed forever. People love to read good news about others winning big, and often imagine what they would do with such an amount – yours truly included. Writing about such great wins will make you feel happy for the winner – and it will make the readers happy, too. And, of course, a bit envious…

3. An extra source of income

Playing the slots can fill your pockets, but so can writing about them. If you manage to be impartial about the games and the operators who offer them (such as the above mentioned Royal Vegas), your voice will be heard by the community of players. Your recommendations will be heard, players will follow your affiliate links, and assure you a steady stream of income in the long run.