As a mother, you have a lot on your plate. From getting the kids up and ready for school to cleaning the house and shuttling friends and neighbors to dance recital and soccer practice, sometimes taking the easy way out for meals is a necessity. But let that become the norm for too long and you and your children will suffer the consequences.

While you may think cooking healthy meals for your family is a goal you will never achieve, there are simple ways you can bring healthier meals into your home without having to dedicate your entire life to this one endeavor. To help make this dream a reality, here are three tips for cooking healthier meals at home.

Have a Plan

If you leave planning your meals to the day of, you will likely fall back to old habits of grabbing a pizza on the way home or hitting the drive-thru down the street. To get into better habits of eating healthier meals at home, a certain amount of planning and preparation has to take place.

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According to, having a solidly planned out dinner menu can save you both time and money when it comes to cooking meals. You will know exactly what you’re going to make and what ingredients you need. By not having to find a meal at the spur of the moment, you give yourself the chance to think about the food you’re giving your family before it goes into their tummies, resulting in healthier bodies all around.

Strategize a Shopping List reported on a study done by Tamara Dubowitz. She found that people who made a grocery list and then stuck to their list while shopping had a better diet overall and were of a slightly lower weight than those who didn’t shop using a grocery list. This idea goes right along with having a plan for your meal and then sticking to that plan.

However, creating a grocery list and not deviating from that list will not only help you to pick up healthy foods from your menu, but it will also make it easier to avoid picking up foods that are bad for you. If the food isn’t found on your list, you don’t need it for your meal plans. This will ensure that the cookies and candies stay on the shelves while the grains and veggies make it into the cart.

Create Colorful Dishes


One way to both ensure that your family is getting a healthy, well-rounded diet and enjoying what they’re eating at the same time is to create colorful dishes. According to, colorful fruits and vegetables are an indicator that the food is full of antioxidants and vitamins that our bodies need to be strong and healthy.

To help your family eat healthier foods, plan to make dishes like grilled meat and vegetables or bright salads that bring color, texture, and taste to a meal. Not only will your family find these healthy foods more fun to eat, but you’ll also enjoy cooking more when you know the food you’re preparing will do the body good.

It’s not just healthy eating that helps yo to raise a healthy family. It’s also very important to make sure you encourage your family to engage in regular exercise. Though it might be hard to ensure the kids are consistent with this, it’s important to make time for yourself to exercise. Start off by getting the right equipment. A yoga mat is a great way to ease yourself into it. I’ve always found that buying myself gym wear really encourages me to use it. my favourite website for buyers guides on sports wear for women is They always advise on the right pieces to make my gym visit a breeze.

While cooking healthy meals may require a little more planning and preparation, it is all worth it when your spouse and children are happy and healthy for years to come. To get started giving your family the healthy and delicious food their bodies need, try implementing the above tips today!