The carnival is a classic event that kids love. From the games to the foods and even the crowds, there’s nothing quite like spending the afternoon or evening watching pie eating contests and trying to win a prize at ring toss.

However, major carnivals can be a little scary for kids, especially if they’ve got a nervous mother. So to give your kid the best carnival experience while keeping your own nerves in check, here are some tips for throwing your child and their friends an awesome carnival party that everyone will love.

Create the Right Atmosphere

The atmosphere of a carnival is unlike any other your kids have likely experienced. To help them feel the inclusivity of a real carnival, consider renting a tent and having all your events under that one large area. This will make for easy decorating as well since you’ll have a more concentrated area to focus on.


For the rest of your decorations that will add to the atmosphere, make sure everything is in a fun, bright color. Martha Stewart suggests asking parents to raid their linen closets for colorful sheets to make the decorating that much easier and less expensive.

Pick the Perfect Games

The right games will really bring your carnival party to life for both the kids and the adults helping the party to run smoothly. Depending on the age of the children at the party, the games you choose will vary. However, you should have no problems finding five to ten games that will help in creating laughs and memories for all involved.

Suzonne Sterling of lists some carnival games that children between the ages of four and seven are sure to love. Some suggestions she gives include guessing how many items are in a jar, a squirt gun shooting gallery, a clothespin drop, whipped pie throwing and more. While all these games are relatively easy to setup and inexpensive to pull together, they can bring in hours of fun.


Making Magical Foods

What is a carnival without the perfect carnival foods? To bring together a classic carnival party, you can’t go without corn dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and other delicious (yet fattening) foods. And while you can easily purchase all these items premade from the store, you may want to include your little one in the party preparation by making some of these items together. The Huffington Post shares some great homemade recipes for making amazing and slightly healthier versions of these traditional carnival treats.

Throwing a carnival party is a great way to end the summer for your child by inviting all their friends and families, throwing up a tent and some fun games, and bringing the whole event to life with yummy carnival foods. Use the tips above to ensure that this party comes off without a hitch and leaves you with some money to finish off your school shopping, too. Have fun!