There’s lots of fun to be had for the whole family during the summer, no matter what age your children are or what the weather’s doing. Rainy days can be spent indoors completing your family tree using the information found from an obituary search, and sunny days can be spent exploring your local area. It helps to make plans for fun stuff so that the older kids don’t spend all of the summer vacation sitting in front of video games.

There are things to do that are just plain fun, some to do that are educational, and lots of things to do that can get kids outside and having fun. So, what are your summer plans with the kids?

How About Check Out A Museum

Depending on the age of your kids and the type of museum you pick, you may have some bored kiddos. However, there are plenty kid centered museums around these days and you are sure to find one with plenty of hands on for younger kids.

Older kids that enjoy art or history may enjoy those stuffier museums that little ones just don’t enjoy.


Maybe Go See A Show

Is there a playhouse in your area? If they are having something fun for all ages, like Dr. Seuss or Shrek, it may be a great idea to take the kids along.

You may also find a lot of festivals with tons of things going on, including fan and entertaining light shows that can interest even the youngest little ones.

Or Check Out Some Live Music

Some of your teenagers favorite bands and musicians may be coming to town. Surprise them with tickets to Taylor Swift or whoever else is cool to the kids these days.

Young ones may enjoy seeing something fun like a Disney concert or something like that. It doesn’t take much to do some quick research to find all ages music events in any given area.


Just Get Them Outside

There are a lot of free things you can do with your kids while they are on summer vacation as well. Go to the beach to swim or just to collect shells. Collecting shells and stones can be fun and educational if you help them look up what they are online when you get home.

The outdoors gives you tons of fun things to do, from horseback riding to a wilderness hike. Your summer plans will, of course, rely on the age of your kids. Little ones that can’t do big things may still enjoy and outdoor picnic or even a poll date with mommy!

Make this summer one to remember and gives your children all the adventure they can handle. Take them to the farmer’s market and let them pick out fresh fruits and veggies to go with dinner. Take them to the splash park or amusement park once so they can have some wild fun.

There are so many things, at all price levels, that families can do in the summer. There’s just no reason to be bored!