The new year has arrived, and that means everyone is looking out to be the best versions of themselves in the coming months. But, why not expand that concept to try to be better as a family? It’s not too tough to shift the parameters around a little bit in order to get sort of a group effort going, and might actually lead to a better success rate than trying to take on individual goals.


Five paths in particular you can try to go down as a family include taking care of out of control behaviors, considering family therapy, going on a family vacation, having well-defined chores and jobs, and reading the news together.

Take Care of Out of Control Behaviors

If someone in your family is suffering from an addiction, why not use a family new year’s resolution to try to help that person combat their demons? Use the new year as an excuse for a fresh start, with no judgment or pressure being applied other than the fact that everyone is trying to improve their personal situations by having the entire family unit be healthy and efficiently sober.

Consider Family Therapy

Family therapy isn’t just for families that are having serious or severe problems. You can also go to family therapy just to become a better unit as a whole. Going over minor things that may have gotten caught up in the mix over the years and never resolved can be exactly what you need in order to improve communication and overall family function. Especially if there are teenagers in the house, this is one way to start important discussions as well.

Go On a Family Vacation

For a family goal, why not decide as a group how much money you need to save in order to head out on a family vacation that everyone agrees on? By having the discussion early, and knowing the goal ahead of time, everyone can be much more respectful about ideas and responsibilities around the house in order to make the goal a reality.

Have Well-Defined Chores and Jobs

One major stressor in many families is the nebulous idea of who has to do what chores in order to get what allowance, and all of the many variables surrounding that discussion. By making sure everyone knows in advance specifically what they need to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis, the goal of a happy family is that much more achievable.

Read the News Together

If your family sits down together for meals, you should make it a point to all read the same news a few times a week as well. This will allow everyone to discuss their viewpoints regarding the world at large, as well as staying better informed with respect to differing opinions inside the family circle.