Following a long, hectic day taking care of the children, all most mums will want is to flop down in a chair and grab some peace and quiet. Nonetheless, these times are also the only ones most mums have to indulge their own interests, without having to worry about the kids, so thankfully there are plenty of fun ways to unwind online at the end of the day.


Watching television

Streaming services like Netflix, iPlayer and Blinkbox mean you can now choose from thousands of shows – and watch them when you want. It’s easy to sign up, with some being free (like BBC iPlayer) and some having a monthly cost.


With WordPress, Blogger et al providing templates, you can just sign up and start. Doing so is free, but make sure you choose a subject you understand and love, so that updating your blog remains fun. You can spend as much time as you want on it, but try to update at least once a week.

Online casino gaming

There are dozens of great online casino sites, such as, and the registration process is simple. Of course, given how much fun it is, it can be time consuming – but you should set yourself time limits and be responsible.

Studying online

Again, there is plenty of choice in terms of colleges and courses and most will let you work to a schedule that suits your other commitments. This can be very fulfilling, although you need to dedicate time to it.

Social media

From Facebook and Twitter, to Youtube, social media can let you catch up with old friends, meet new ones or just watch daft cat videos. Registering for these sites takes minutes to do, but an evening can easily fly by while you are chatting or browsing on them.

The internet really is your oyster, providing hundreds of options for keeping yourself amused online.