Parenting is a daunting task. You are overwhelmed with the numerous things you should and shouldn’t be doing with your children. Seeing fine art, however, can be beneficial to both you and your children. Spend a day wandering around a museum and it will offer something to occupy the children as well as allow you to exercise your own mind. Included here are a few reasons you should expose your children to fine art from a young age.

Have Fun

Artist Tim Yanke displays his artwork at Park West Gallery, and spent a day painting with 68 different children as a benefit for the less fortunate. When asked about his experience with the kids, Yanke said, “They’re not staying within the boundaries. They’re going outside the lines. They’re having fun.” Children have long enjoyed the freedom of artistic expression and will gain insight and new ideas from a gallery visit.


Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

It’s no secret that kids have vivid imaginations, and the boundless realm of their creativity often amazes us. But even with their limitless creativity, visiting an art gallery claremont (assuming that’s where you are located) can unlock even greater inspiration in children. While exploring the galleries, they might feel inspired to recreate a familiar scene from their home, much like an artist, or they could be motivated to paint a beloved person in a completely different approach. Exposure to these diverse artistic expressions can ignite new ideas and perspectives in these young minds.

Push Finesse

Some kids may love to simply express themselves with artwork. Other kids pursue realistic impressions or vivid colored representations. By allowing your children to witness the techniques used in fine art, they may have more ability to add finesse and style to their own artwork. They may learn depth of field from studying a painting or how to shade from a drawing.

Broaden Perspectives

Many children may not realize how many things are available for artistic representation. It is easy to understand that flowers are fun to paint, but painting their breakfast may seem completely foreign to them. Allowing children to witness the different perspectives people take when approaching art can broaden their horizons.


Cultural Exposure

Learning about various cultures and people groups is incredibly brilliant through art. Children are given the chance to get a firsthand glimpse into people’s lives around the globe and be immersed in their home lives. It is also much easier for them to imagine living a life across the globe when they can visualize the home, food and people.

Historical Value

Sometimes it is easy for children to imagine the historical stories they are told are nothing more than just fantasy tales. Without visual aids, they may not realize that things actually happened in the past with real people. Being able to see historical photographs and paintings gives life to history and allows children to imagine being alive a long time ago.

Exposure to Abstract

Some children believe that if their picture isn’t an exact representation of what they set out to paint that it is a failure and they are not an artist. Taking kids to museums allows them to see that people can be successful even when they look at things differently than others. Exposure to impressionism and abstract art can help them look at objects and art differently and feel content with their own personal style.