Ranked as one of the most stressful events anyone can go through, divorce can be exceedingly painful.

It also creates a maze of questions from both parties involved, which adds to the worry. Who will get custody of the children?  What happens to the house, can we sell it? How long will this take? Will it be expensive?

These are just some of the worries you may be faced with when starting the divorce process and you will want to approach a solicitor that is not only experienced in divorce and family law, but a firm who is also sensitive, and can provide you with a non-confrontational service.

How to find the best divorce solicitor

Even reading the words ‘divorce’ and ‘solicitor’ in the same sentence can create a sharp stomach pain, but it is wise at the start of these proceedings to do your homework. Many solicitors state they are experts at handling divorces and family law, but they actually specialise primarily in tax law, with family law as a side service. That is not what you need at such a vulnerable time.

When searching for the best solicitor for your separation, the internet is the best place to start. Have a look around at different firms’ websites. Additionally, try to seek out local law firms. For example if you are living in London, reaching out to a London business is probably best for dealing with complex legal issues. You need to know that you get in touch with your chosen lawyer quickly and therefore staying local is strongly recommended. Create a short list and check if all solicitors on the list are a member of ‘Resolution.’ If they are, then make contact with them, to discuss any worries you may have and to enquire about timescales.

What is ‘Resolution’ and why is it important?

As mentioned earlier, you will want to invest your energy into a solicitor’s firm who are confident and knowledgeable about family law and can assist you effectively through your divorce, should things go wrong.

Resolution, formerly called the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA) is legal organisation which the majority of family-based solicitors are members of. It offers a Code of Practice, to promote a non-confrontational approach to divorces and family problems associated with them.  These ideas promote good legal practice and have been adopted by the Law Society into their code of ethics and practice values.

Solicitors who are members of Resolution can advise you on your legal rights pre- and post-divorce, can assist on different types of divorce and are even able to offer help if there are complicated reasons for seeking a divorce, such as domestic violence.  They should offer advice on more complicated divorce paperwork, such as pre-nuptial agreements, spousal maintenance and property transfers.

Most of all, you will want to choose a solicitor that will aim to create a mutually beneficial resolution for your entire family unit. Divorce can be very disruptive, particularly to families with young children. If you have young children, you will undoubtedly want what’s best for them throughout the divorce proceedings. When you choose your solicitor to help you through your divorce, they should be compassionate and confident, but unafraid to tell you things that may not sit well with your expectations.