I’m Caroline. A business savvy and financially shrewd mum of two with a passion for a budget lifestyle and knack for making DIY easy.

It’s not all about the cash! I have a loving and supportive family who are my rocks and my biggest cheerleaders. We’ve been through some tough times but we always come out the other side stronger.

I live with my husband of 15 years in the beautiful British countryside with our son, daughter and two dogs. We’re pretty much the ideal nuclear family – but we’re far from perfect!

There are tears, tantrums and traumas on a near daily basis and we just roll with and deal with it the best way that we can. We’re all just testing the water with parenting and life and careers, it’s trial and error.

I was very much into my career at one point in my life, spending long hours at the office and putting my all into that path. Until disaster struck, I slipped a disc in my back and had to take 10 whole weeks off work. 10 whole weeks! I was at a loss… sitting around all day with the husband at work
and the kids at school. I started browsing the web and reading all about other people’s lives on their blogs and I though “hey! I can totally do that!”

So, I started writing. I wrote about everything that was happening in my life, about my family, about family budgeting… just anything that took my fancy! Five years later, here I am with hundreds of followers and an avid readership.

The blog started from there and I like to think of it as my little baby, it’s basically one of the family!

Explore the blogs, send a message and let’s get cracking!