The loss of a loved one is an experience we can never prepare for. As well as it being both a difficult and emotional time there is also the important matter of dealing with the assets of the person who has unfortunately passed away. If you have been named the executor of a will, and the estate is said to be complex, you may not know what to do.

This is where probate solicitors Portsmouth are available to help. So if you have recently lost a loved one and are unsure on how to deal with their legal affairs, by contacting probate solicitors Portsmouth you will be provided with advice and next steps on how to deal with these matters.

 How a probate solicitor can help 

Probate is the term used to describe both the financial and legal process which are involved when dealing with the possessions of an individual who has passed away.

When visiting a probate solicitor in Portsmouth, you can expect over 60 years of expertise as these solicitors are experienced in dealing with the administration of estates and providing both assistance and support to family members and Personal Representatives throughout the difficult period. Probate solicitors understand how much of a distressing time it can be for those who have lost a loved one, which is why they aim to relieve you from the stress whilst sensitively dealing with the affairs of your loved ones.

If you have been nominated to be the Personal Representative of an estate but you are unsure as to what to do, probate solicitors in Portsmouth can help to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

 The probate process 

The first step of this process is to identify all of the assets of the deceased. Also referred to as their estate, this includes investments, properties, shares and personal possessions such as jewellery or cars. This is also when all liabilities such as debts and utility bills are also identified. This is so that the value of the deceased’s estate can be identified. If a deed (also known as a grant of representation) is required, this will also be identified at this stage.

If it is determined that you do need a grant of representation, the probate solicitor will draft the necessary legal documents to apply. This means that once the grant of representation has been issued, you will be able to distribute the assets as stated in the deceased’s will, sell or transfer any assets and settle any debts.

 What to do when there is no will 

If your deceased relative did not leave a will, or in the case that there are no named executors in the will, there is an option to apply for a letter of administration. This is an official court document which also allows the named individual to administer the estate.

If you would like further information regarding instructing probate solicitors Portsmouth, it is recommended that you make an enquiry where you will be provided with further information to help you with your decision.