One of the many reasons why newer homes don’t even have a garage or shed these days is because like with most of the other aspects of our lives, we just don’t really make use of such things anymore as a matter of necessity, unless of course we really need a carport with shed for our vehicles and storage if there is literally no other option for space. Older homes with that quaint charm may have bigger gardens and bigger general outdoor spaces, but nine out of ten times you won’t find a car parked in the garage. You’ll probably also find the shed door to be quite stiff and perhaps even full of cobwebs because hardly anyone ever goes into the shed. What reason do they have to frequent the shed in any case? I mean sure, men like to keep some of their tools and equipment in the garage or shed, but how often is the toolbox pulled out to get some house work done, like a bit of plumbing perhaps or some cosmetic or structural touch-ups here and there? Your memory bank is probably occupied with the local emergency plumber’s number or locksmith instead of where certain essential tools may be housed in the shed or garage.

The truth is most of the stuff we tend to throw in the garage or shed has a very slim chance of seeing the light of day again, effectively going to waste. The space itself is going to waste as there are a lot modern day homeowners who’d kill for the little bit of extra, detached space that comes with a shed or garage. If you have a hard time getting the kids to clean these up and get them organised for a bit of extra pocket money, you’ll likely never get it done yourself either, so being able to make use of that extra space for storage or anything else starts with resisting the urge to just throw things in, in the first place. These spaces have to be better organised. It’s perhaps a bit late to think of keeping them clean and clutter-free at this point, so the next best thing is to get them organised, bit by bit.

Ultimately, it is a huge shame when people do not use their garage to its full potential. Moreover, if your home does not yet have a garage, but you actually have the space for one, then reaching out to a detached garage builder could be just what you need to create somewhere safe to keep any vehicles or bulky garden equipment. There are some fantastic contractors out there nowadays like Custom Garage Co in Denver, Colorado who can help you to build the garage of your dreams so do not be disheartened if you do not have a garage just yet.

Because all manner of items thrown into sheds and garages, similar to All American Steel Sheds, have different shapes and sizes and take up space in many different ways, you have to make use of some sort of compartmental storage. Otherwise you’ll be going back and forth, wondering if it’s perhaps not better to hang the tools against the wall, but then that would mean you can’t really make use of the space directly below that position to store other items, without limiting access to the tools.

BASE108151Metal storage boxes work wonders in defining volumetric boundaries which will help you clear up and save a lot of space – space which you can start making better use of yourself, or perhaps some space the kids or your husband can use.

Hydroponics is one of the many uses of “brand new” garage or shed space in a much more productive manner, otherwise it really is a matter of just resolving to organise and store the contents more effectively.