Your kid’s birthday is nearing. Congratulations! It’s another year gone, but it’s also another year beginning for your little one. You should be proud of yourself that you’ve both made it this far. It’s something you should celebrate!

But, even if you want to give your kid the world, you can’t always do so. Sometimes, you don’t have the budget to splurge on a big birthday bash. But that’s okay! You can still plan a small but fun party without spending a lot of money.

Here are some party planning tips you can follow to get the party going even if you are on a strict budget:

  1. Make cakes and Mocktails

Baking the cake on your own will show your child you love and care more than buying a store-bought cake or having it made by a local bakeshop. It will also significantly cut down your expenses since homemade is always cheaper compared to purchasing specialty cakes. You could also try making mocktails or cocktails with the help of citrus drinks brought from sites like It may be quite refreshing to have these after having an awesome homemade cake.

  1. Digital invites

Digital invitations will save you both time and money since you can send out the invites instantaneously and for free. You can, for example, create a Facebook event and invite your loved ones through the page. But I also kind of remember, we used or something similar to print the DIY invite card we made for one of my friend’s kid’s birthday as she felt that it was warmer to do so. And it didn’t cost much either!

  1. Run to a party supplies store

Get cheap party supplies instead of wasting time and money strolling through the mall looking for items you need for giveaways and prizes. A party supplies store has everything ready for you in one place and, best of all, everything is right within your budget.

  1. Use your connections

You don’t need to hire a band, a host or an entertainer for the birthday party, you can enlist your close friends and family to help you out. If you have a relative, who can belt out a few songs, ask him/her to do a fun number for the kids. You can also have a couple of your cousins to help you host the event, so you won’t have to do every little thing by yourself.

  1. Keep it small and fun

You don’t have to impress anyone. You can keep it within the family. What’s important is that your birthday boy/girl is having the best of fun during his/her special day.

  1. Make DIY indoor games and crafts

Search online for some ideas. There are a lot of indoor games you can do to make the birthday party enjoyable without having to spend big bucks. A lot of arts and crafts can also be fun activities for the little ones. You just need to buy the craft materials, and you’re good to go. If you’ve got slighty older kids coming in, then set up some outdoor activities for them. Companies like moms party rental have lots of set-ups like bounce houses, water slides, and more, that they’ll come install for you, so that’s something to consider for some extra fun!

  1. Have the party in the afternoon

Plan a party between 2 pm to 5 pm. It will really save you a lot of money. Your guests won’t expect a full meal since this is in between lunch and dinner time. You can serve sandwiches and little-boxed treats for your guests, and they’ll still be satisfied.

These things will ensure that your kid will still have a blast on his/her special day even when you plan the party on a budget. When you follow these tips, you will definitely get your money’s worth.