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Cruel to be kind: the rise of detachment parenting

It’s the latest child-rearing method in America. But is it good for the family, asks Viv Groskop What are your plans for today? If you are a parent, the chances are that they will revolve around your children, from ferrying them to various Saturday morning improving activities to worrying about how to get them to [&hellip


Do you really know what’s going on at your child’s school?

A teacher with 25 years’ experience writes anonymously about life inside the education system – and explains how parents can work it to their advantage Technically, the Senco was obliged to investigate any claim and carry out relevant assessments, but none of the parents knew this. Further, because we’re an academy, it’s much harder for [&hellip


The rise of the breadwinner mom: it’s the women bringing home the bacon

It was a hot sunny day when Aaron Traister took his children to play at their local park this week. Like all doting dads, the 35-year-old cherishes those precious moments of quality time with the kids. “It was beautiful. It reminded me of the mornings I used to spend with them when they were little [&hellip