Commercial clients are customers that have business rather than personal requirements. Commercial solicitors are able to offer legal advice, to small independent businesses as well as larger international clients, they aim to provide clear and concise legal advice to professional bodies. Commercial solicitors can offer legal advice to new start-up businesses as well as established businesses that may have got themselves involved in a legal dispute. They aim to build and maintain a long lasting relationship with their clients. London commercial solicitors have relationships and links with other legal bodies such as accountants, as well as tax specialists and consultants. By doing so they can ensure and offer clients a unique advantage and an additional element to their case, by offering a wealth of knowledge.

In London many of the solicitor teams are multilingual, which is essential as they deal with clients that are not limited to the UK, working with businesses within Europe and Asia too.

What is commercial law?

Commercial law is with regard to regulations and restrictions that make commerce strong economically, making it attractive to business. Commercial law offers protection for businesses who are entering into business deals, and protects them if things go wrong. The majority of commercial disputes are raised in commercial courts or in county business courts.

What do commercial lawyers do?

Initially, commercial lawyers should gather all documents and information regarding the client they are working with, they will then meet with the client and prepare an argument, that they will later present. Commercial lawyers must have an up-to-date understanding of modern law, and be aware of the constant changing world of business. Commercial lawyers will maintain contact with clients in regular meetings, and stay aware of any change in the status of any business transaction.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the term used to describe the resolving of disputes between individuals and/or companies. Solicitors are able to provide clients with knowledge on ways in which to handle these claims and defend clients if proceedings go as far as a court hearing. In fact, solicitors in Leeds or even London for that matter, can handle a variety of cases, from small independent businesses to large international disputes.

Litigation can be extremely risky and more costly than mediations and attributions can be, it can lead to great financial risks, such as having to pay the legal opponent. Litigation can have a large impact on individuals, their families, and their businesses.

Issues have to be examined to a higher level as consequences could be more severe.

Business/contractual disputes

Disputes can arise in several ways, an example of which being if a product is faulty, it can lead to suppliers pursuing their customers for unpaid invoices. There is no limit to the range of disputes and size thereof during the transaction of business.

Contracts should be written with all parties in mind, and they aim to maintain any business or commercial relationships. Preserving commercial relationships is done through resolving problems amicably, if this sort of resolution is not possible then immediate and prioritised action is taken by solicitors in order to protect their client.