Kid in a garden holding gardening tool

When the weather has been so dark and dreary it’s difficult to encourage the little ones to put on their coat and grab some fresh air.

But with the January blues no doubt giving us all cabin fever, the garden is an inexpensive way for the children to have fun at home.

Making littles ones love the garden is a tough task but experiencing the great outdoors will give them a keen interest on healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Edible Gardening

Give the children their own space in the garden to grow their plants and vegetables. Raised beds are a great way for children of all ages to take up gardening. Once you find the perfect patch of soil to put your plant you simply have to water when it’s dry and watch out for pests. Keeping an eye on the weather is a good idea when gardening to make sure you don’t overwater in rainy weather and underwater in a drought. You could even get your own personal weather station from which your little one could learn to read before getting out into the garden. With many tasty vegetables to grow such as courgettes and runner beans, they’ll enjoy the success of growing their own plants and getting to munch on the reward for dinner.

Nature Friends

Encouraging our favourite feathered friends into the garden is a great way to get the little ones excited about the wonders of nature. Have an afternoon of crafting bird feeders with this helpful guide, and hang them around the garden. They’ll be a buzz of excitement to see their project in action when the birds come flocking.

You could also try feeders for other types of animals. Deer feeders are very popular in areas that support them, and your little ones will enjoy seeing these symbols of nature grazing in your garden. Squirrel feeders aren’t as popular as they are often considered a pest but even these fluffy creatures can impress you with their incredible jumping skills (plus keeping them fed may save more important items in the garden they may otherwise snack on).

A Gardeners Getup

Invest in essential items for your mini gardener. Not only will this keep them safe and warm whilst having fun it will also deter any extra washing. With their own wellies boots and watering can they’ll be racing outside to get messy in no time.

Garden Games

Bring out the element of fun in the garden with some well thought out games. A treasure hunt to help the children explore the garden is a great way to bring out their adventurous side. And don’t forget a teddy bears picnic always goes down a treat. If you don’t have the luxury of your own green space look for local allotments or private gardens that you can join with the children.

Playground for kids

Even getting some fresh air at the local playground is fun way to get them outside. Just ensure that they are well maintained by the local council as this article explains the importance of a safe environment.

Wherever there’s a green adventure to be had you can incorporate these tips wherever the little ones go.

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