When your kids are young, you have to take the opportunity to make a fuss out of their birthday. They might be less interested as they get older, and you could regret not giving them some fun birthdays while they still want to spend them with their family. Birthday parties have become a bit of an affair over the last few years, but they don’t have to be anything complicated. If you want to make your child’s birthday more of a family occasion and treat them to a unique experience, try one of these simple ideas.

Birthday Meal

Children have long had the treat of a family meal for their birthday. Whether you stay at home and cook them their favourite or go out to a fancy restaurant, they’ll enjoy the celebrations being all about them. If you stay at home, you can let them choose what they want to eat and add some extra treats too. And, of course, the meal should be followed by a birthday cake. If you choose to go out, pick your restaurants carefully. Some will prefer a restaurant set up for families while others don’t mind asking their kids to fit in with the grown-ups. Some restaurants will make a fuss over the birthday boy or girl if you ask.

Theme Park Day

A family day out is fun for everyone, but the birthday child still gets to have the spotlight on them. They can choose where to go and what to do, and a family ticket won’t break the bank. There are lots of kids days out to choose from, from theme parks to petting zoos. Lots of children will love the chance to spend a day at a theme park, riding as many rides as possible. If you want to make it a little more fun, you could let them invite a friend or two.


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Birthday Experience

There are also lots of excellent experiences that your child could enjoy for their birthday. They can do engaging activities where they can learn or experience something new. For example, they could try driving around a track, enjoy a horse riding experience or even be a zookeeper for the day at some zoos. You’re never too young to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, although if they love it, they might go on to have many more.

At Home Party

If you want a compromise between a family birthday and a party with friends, hold a party at home. There’s no need to have an expensive party with bowling or swimming when everyone can come to your house for some games. If you don’t want to do traditional games like musical chairs and sleeping lions, you can set up some fun activities. Kids could make pizzas, decorate cupcakes or do some arts and crafts. You can make it low-cost and fun, plus there’s only room to invite a few kids so that you won’t be overrun.

Your child’s birthday can be a fun family affair instead of a party with their whole class. Everyone can enjoy the day, and especially the birthday boy or girl.