There are many women out there that never wear jewelry, or if they do it’s simply a wedding ring. But for those that enjoy jewelry, sometimes it’s just hard to come up with the right pieces for your lifestyle. While some people can get away with a big and bold look, others might be more attuned to something less noticeable. Some people get jewelry based on a low budget, whilst others find loopholes like finding coupons from companies like Raise, to buy more expensive jewelry for a cheaper price.

Figuring out the jewelry and accessories that fit your lifestyle may also revolve around considering what you do for a living, as well as your family life. Someone with a small baby may not want to wear long feathery earrings, as an example.

Picking Jewelry For Your Skin Tone/Face Shape/Etc.

Your skin tone actually has a lot to say about what type of metals look good on you when it comes to jewelry. People with cool skin tones, and lighter skin, often look better in silver tones. Those with tan skin or warmer skin tones often look much better in gold jewelry. However, if you like one over the other and it doesn’t fit the “rule”, wear what you wear and be happy about it!


Your face shape may also have some say in what jewelry looks good on you, when it comes to both earrings and necklaces. Dangling earrings can help elongate a heart shaped face, while shorter earrings help contrast a longer face. Have a long neck? Choose a shorter necklace.

Following Jewelry Trends

Statement earrings have been in style nearly this entire year and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Statement earrings can come in all shapes and sizes, you just need to find the length and look that is right for you. You want these to stand out, so look for something fun.

Other jewelry trends for fall include chunky bracelets, classic and modern style brooches, and even chokers. Remembers chokers look better on people with longer and more slender necks.

Considering Work And Family

If you have a new baby, stud earrings may be the best option for your ears until they are old enough to not try to pull your dangly earrings out of your ears. The same goes with necklaces. Something sturdy or short is safest.

If you work somewhere that asks for minimal jewelry you may want to stick with just a wedding ring, if you’re married, or some simples and tasteful earrings or a chain. If there are no rules, wear what you want. Even if you’re normally into mild looks, try something fun and chunky once in awhile anyway. You never know, you may find a new style you love.

Jewelry isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it can be fun to add an accessory just to give yourself a new and different look.