If a child is going abroad to study, then it is both an exciting and worrying time for the parents. Even if they have already made the trip, you will probably still feel anxious for them and are wanting to do all you can to help keep them safe. Figures from recent years show that around four million students study in this way, so you will not be on your own in feeling like that. From Australia to Switzerland and Austria, there are many fabulous overseas destinations you child could go to in order to continue his or her education.

Things you can do to help keep them safe 

One thing should be remembered in all this – studying abroad will be fabulous for your child’s development and an amazing opportunity to experience another culture. With this in mind, you should not hold them back due to your personal worries. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of it though, here are four great ways to support them in their adventure.

  • Help them out financially – whether it is giving them money to go away with or topping up their account when they are abroad, you will want to offer financial support to keep them safe. This is particularly important when they are living in the other country because you will definitely need to find a way to do this at some point! A simple and secure way to send money internationally is to use an online money transfer company. They usually give the best exchange rates, which is a bonus. Try to find a money transfer comparison site to pick out the best company to use.
  • Help them plan before they leave – this will not only ease your own stress but also help support them when abroad. By making sure that all the necessary arrangements have been made and the paperwork sorted, you will save them having any unwanted surprises when they arrive at the destination.
  • Be sure to stay in touch – as well as financial support, emotional support is key. Make sure you keep in regular contact to help cheer up the young person if down or to offer advice when needed. There are many ways to do this from video chat to social media or the good old phone call.
  • Pay a visit – while you want to give them space to stand on their own two feet, an effective way to provide support is with the occasional visit. It will not only cheer you all up but will also allow you to take your child shopping for clothes and food.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity 

It can seem a big step for a child but studying abroad can really help them develop skills that are useful for their future life. Not only do young people become more self-sufficient but are also more able to deal with any problems and connect with new people. By helping to take care of them as above, you will be making sure they gain all they can from the experience of studying abroad.