There’s no use denying that natural stone flooring comes with a few drawbacks, with cost being a particularly common cause for concern. That said, there’s more than one reason why natural stone flooring is still far and away the most sought-after choice among homeowners.

Here are just four reasons why it’s worth the cost.

  1. Timeless Style

‘Have you heard about bamboo flooring? It’s the latest thing!’ That’s the kind of thing we tend to hear when we’re looking for new floors; the problem is that the ‘new thing’ today is going to be the ‘old thing’ tomorrow. If you pick a kookier option, your flooring is likely to become outdated very quickly. That’s just not going to happen when you go with natural stone – its appeal is utterly timeless. You won’t need to think about spending more money  to change it up in a few years’ time.

  1. Supreme Versatility

It’s very hard to think of a design style or theme that stone floors cannot fit around. If you want to go ultra-modern, black granite forms a perfect foundation. If you want to go rustic; a heavily-etched slate with plenty of mineral deposits is going to suit. If you want classical refinement, marble is the way to go. Stone can also be cut to exact specifications, letting you work around tight or unusual shapes.

  1. Exceptional Durability

There are stone floors across the world that are hundreds of years old, and that’s down to the incredible durability of the material. Natural stone is very hard-wearing, with no outer layer that can be worn away by constant use, and it won’t be marred by sunlight, heat, or cold. Just make sure it’s properly sealed every year or so, and you can count on your natural stone flooring lasting for years to come.

  1. Boost Your Resale Value

Take a look at your local house price listings; if a home has natural stone flooring, you can bet it will be advertised as a key feature. That’s because potential buyers are commonly wooed by this prestigious material. It’s high-end in its own right, and it also stands as a hallmark of overall quality. You might spend a little extra on natural stone flooring, but it’s an investment likely to pay off in the long run.