Consider an iPhone 7 if you feel stumped about what to buy for a friend or family member for a birthday or holiday gift. If you’re wondering why you should get that person an iPhone, the answer is that it is a win-win option. More than 94 million people own iPhone devices, according to a report that CNET released. You can hardly go wrong if you choose such a popular device. Nine times out of 10, your loved one won’t have the iPhone 7 but will want the iPhone 7. You can find one for a good deal during the period right before the holidays, which is now. If you’re planning on buying one of these phones for your loved ones, you should also suggest that they sell their old iPhone to a company like Backflip (sell iPhone here). That gives your loved one some money for their old phone.


The Importance of Accessories

It is extremely important for you to purchase the right accessories so that your loved one can hold on to the phone as long as possible. The first items that you will need to buy are the iPhone 7 plus screen protectors. Screen protectors protect the phone by preventing dirt and liquid from getting on the screen. They can also brace the screen somewhat during a short tumble or fall. Premium is always your best choice because it offers you a thicker shield.

The second accessory that is an absolute must-have when you buy your family member or friend a phone is a case. The cases vary from simple gel cases, to heavy duty construction type cases. The cases are the items that are going to provide the bulk of protection against those accidents that everyone has. Your loved one will surely drop his or her phone at some time or another. You want to purchase a case and a screen protector so that you can protect that person ahead of time. Phone insurance is always good to have, but you should never have to use it if you buy the right gear for the device.

Finally,the car charger is something that you want to purchase for your friend or loved one because it will keep that person charged in difficult times. No one ever wants to get caught out there with a dead cell phone battery during an emergency like a seized engine or a tire blowout. Adding a new charged to the accessory bundle will help your loved one to enjoy the phone that you bought for him or her. Other accessories that you may want to buy are wireless headphones, charging cradles and Bluetooth speakers for any parties that you may host.

Wrap a brand new iPhone 7 up this year for someone who means a lot to you. Make sure you add the three previously mentioned accessories before you attempt to wrap the package.