Some of your own happiest childhood memories will probably have been created on a relaxing family holiday, which is one of the reasons why we like to take our kids on vacation.

Spending precious family time together on vacation is going to create that perfect opportunity for your kids to create their own special memories.

Here is a look at how to plan a family trip that provides the right environment for everyone to relax and enjoy each other’s company, allowing you to look back at a later date on what was a memorable vacation.

The right frame of mind

Your children will love going on vacation with you but not always for the main reasons that you might think.

Naturally, they are going to be excited about a trip to a major theme park or some sort of exciting adventure you have planned, but the main reason for the sense of anticipation is the fact that they get to spend some quality time with their parents while they are relaxed and up for some fun.

The challenges of daily life can be stressful and that’s why taking a break is so important, as it offers a chance to strengthen that bond and make the most of your family time together without the usual distractions.

Kids will obviously enjoy heading to somewhere like the Marriott Arabella Hotel and Spa with you for a vacation, but the chance to get your undivided attention is something they will also love.

Have a family conversation

One of the fundamentals of enjoying a great vacation is perfect planning and one of the best tips is to involve the whole family in the discussion.

Your role as parents is obviously to arrange the itinerary but by discussing the trip and the various options you will be getting everyone signed up to the plans rather than being presented with a vacation that has already been fully mapped out.

For example, if you are planning to go to the Smoky Mountains National Park or somewhere similar in the USA, then sit with your kids and have a look at the things to do in and around the place, then decide on the activities that you’d want to take up once you’re there. The same goes for any other place you plan to visit!

It is often a case of trying to get a good balance between keeping the kids happy and entertained while trying to find some things that the parents will enjoy as well.

If you can all talk about the things you would most like to do on vacation you should be able to work these ideas into a list of activities that gives everyone at least one special activity or highlight that they can look forward to specifically.

Take it easy

There is always the temptation to pack as much into your daily schedule as possible but you don’t want to return home feeling you haven’t really had a break.

It is often a great idea to just plan one event per day so that you have plenty of downtime available for relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company.

Many kids enjoy the simple pleasures of a vacation like playing on a beach or just swimming in the pool, so take the opportunity to enjoy some simple fun together without racing around trying to fill your day with loads of things to do.