If you like running then you know, how important it is to have comfortable shoes to run at. If you have uncomfortable footwear, your feet and legs get tired much faster and the whole enjoyment turns to be a nightmare! This is why you should very carefully choose the shoes you are going to wear for the runs or daily jogging routine.


Today there are lots of options on the market and most people do not know where to begin their search. A lot of run lovers wear same pair of shoes for ages until the wear out till the end and then when coming to a store they cannot decide on a new pair because it does not feel the same. Newbies in running also do not know how to choose the right footwear for running. This is exactly why we consulted; one of the New Balance shoes designers in order to create a simply buying guide for those who need new running shoes!

Look for Discount Codes

It might have occurred to you, that you found your ideal pair of shoes online, but when you saw the price, you got discouraged because you might not be able to afford them. To resolve this issue to some extent, you can look for SportsShoes Discount Codes online to purchase them for a lesser price. These promotional codes are typically a successful strategy for e-commerce businesses to draw customers and promote repeat business. So why not benefit from this?

Shop at Smaller Stores

This is rule number one, because in general major department chains not always can answer your specific needs. This is why it is advised to check local running or sports stores. First of all such stores have a knowledgeable staff who will always be ready to help you pick the right shoes for running routine. And secondly the prices in smaller stores prove to be more pleasant!

Length and Width

When running not only your whole body moves but your feet too, it means that you need to have enough space in the footwear to have enough space for breathing. Experts advise to get shoes of a size which is half an inch longer than the one that you normally wear. If you are not satisfied with the width of the shoes or you know that this is your wake side, then you can try brands like New Balance or Nike that come in wider options.

Have a Test Run

Just like making a test drive when getting a car make a test run with the shoes you think about getting. For such an option you need to ask a shop assistant if you are allowed to take a lap around the store or even step outside for a test run.

Buy Extras

As you know the sports market develops pretty fast so looking for the same great pair of running shoes can become a great pain later on. If you have found a perfect pair for training, get two pairs in order to avoid a headache later on.

Don’t Believe Gimmicks

And our last advise about getting new running shoes. A lot of modern companies create various special features that not always lead to the better. At the same time there is old great classics like New Balance shoes that never change and always remain comfortable and reliable. If you have found a pair of great shoes and you see the same model in the store, do not get caught by new ideas and extra additions, do not experiment with your comfort. Get the basics and feel comfortable with the affordable option. When it comes to running shoes, comfort should be of greater concern than beauty or trends!