If you have ever wondered how on earth you’re going to get through a busy day with work, the kids and the cooking, you are not alone. Mums are busier today than they have ever been, despite all of life’s modern conveniences. We read hundreds of blogs about time-saving techniques and technologies to help us with the workload of life. We may even employ some of them. Somehow, they are never enough.

The worst part about us having to work, and then having to do a day’s worth of cooking, cleaning and laundry on top, is our feeling the kids are missing out. We love nothing more than sitting or playing with the children, helping them with their homework or music practice. The trouble is, there is never enough time to provide the quality parenting we wish we could. If we’re truthful, the kids TV is even possibly giving them far more education in a better-presented way than we could anyway.

Hiring a nanny to replace the kids TV will help the children feel connected to real human being at least. Nannies are qualified in Early Years development and education, so will be able to undertake activities that benefit your kids enormously. Leaving them alone with the children while you cook, or if you need to stay at the office for that meeting will give you peace of mind.


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Alternatively, you may want to hire a cleaner to take on your home office cleaning while you get the quality time with the kids you crave. Try contacting a office cleaning company to get an idea what tasks could be taken on by someone else. You may want to find out how many hours you can afford them to do. It may be you choose the best of both worlds, and pick both a nanny and a housekeeper, particularly if you are going to be busier at work for a while. This is also very handy if you have to take care of an older relative.

Taking care of an older relative can also take a lot from you in terms of time and energy. There are agencies that can supply companions, or even nurses to help you from time to time. If your relative requires more round the clock help, but you don’t want to use a nursing home, this kind of arrangement may be perfect. We are naturally active people, and the busier we are, the more difficult it is to sit still. Sitting with an elderly relative can be challenging for us to do for longer than 30 minutes or so. Sharing this with another person could be ideal.

Although hiring people to help you will cost you money, you should ask yourself what your time and happiness are worth. If you feel you never have enough time to do the things that need doing, let alone the things you want to be doing, it may be time to consider getting some help in. Feeling overwhelmed or tired all the time is a sign you should act quickly to share the responsibilities.