Flawless and airbrushed models on the covers of magazines have resulted, for many people, in an obsession to look perfect.

That being said, ideals of beauty and perfection vary from person-to-person. For you, it might be losing a few pounds around your midriff or restoring a youthful glow to a wrinkled face.

If you are looking to rejuvenate your face without having to resort to painful and extreme measures, you might want to consider a non-surgical facelift in London.

Why non-surgical?

Despite the need to look younger and thinner, in this day and age, fewer people are considering surgery to change their looks and body shapes, but are instead opting for non-invasive alternatives. London non-surgical facelifts are one way to look and feel years younger, without spending months in recovery or having to fork out a small fortune in order to afford treatment.

Choosing to not go under the knife also renders results that look natural and subtle. People who have not seen you in a while might think you have enjoyed a relaxing holiday or a spa day, not undergone an anti-ageing procedure, such as a non-surgical facelift in London.

What are my options?

For the best possible results, people often combine two or more treatments, which tend to include injectable fillers, ultrasound technology treatments called Ultherapy, or chemical peels.

What can I expect from dermal fillers?

If you are looking to remove wrinkles or unsightly scars, or add volume to your cheeks, lips or under your eyes, injectable fillers might be a suitable option for this kind of facial rejuvenation.

These fillers pose no severe health risks or lengthy downtime while restoring your youthful and vibrant appearance.

Are there treatments that do not require needles?

A fear of needles is common, so for some, having to undergo injections is a near-impossible feat. Luckily for them, there are needleless procedures that are effective in tightening and adding firmness to the skin, which includes chemical peels or derma-peels, as well as Ultherapy.

Simply put, acid, naturally produced by your body, is applied to your face to get rid of the top layers of your skin, to remove wrinkles, uneven skin tone and fine lines.

There are different levels to a peel, from a superficial to a deep peel. A superficial or mild peel is the most popular type because the side-effects are few and require minimal downtime. You might experience some temporary redness and flaky skin after the treatment.

On the other hand, a deep peel uses a higher concentration of acid to treat more serious skin issues, such as extensive sun damage and acne scarring. Factor in plenty of downtime, between 10 to 14 days, and stay out of the sun. After treatment, your face will be raw, red and might be painful, so it’ll require extra special attention. Consider using CBD Gummies 750mg or CBD oil to speed up the healing process and numb the soreness. Take a look at these fl dispensary prices if you’re in Florida to give you an idea of how much CBD oil might cost you – it’s usually not too expensive. It also reduces inflammation and redness, so your downtime might not be as long. You should still avoid the sun and makeup, however, just to give your face time to completely heal.

  • Ultherapy  

If you hate your saggy chin and drooping brows, Ultherapy might be able to assist in creating age-defying skin.

Fight the effects of gravity by firming, tightening and uplifting your skin using ultrasound technology.

  • How it works

Collagen is an essential protein produced by the body that keeps it looking plump. We can thank collagen for our beautiful, glowing and firm skin.

However, as we grow older, we experience collagen loss, which is why our skin becomes less taut, more wrinkled and prone to sagging.

Ultrasound technology heats the targeted area in order to stimulate collagen and elasticate tissue.

Are you tired of looking and feeling haggard? A non-surgical facelift in London will reverse symptoms of old age – say goodbye to wrinkles, age spots and more!