There are indeed some pro gamblers who only make their money through pure gambling (placing bets strategically and building up winnings in this way), but for the most part professional gamblers make their money in a number of different ways.

Chasing the one BIG win

In the ideal world of a professional gambler they would benefit from one major win, whatever platform through which they’d be placing their bets. It would be a dream come true hitting something like a couple hundred thousand Euro Jackpot or even one which is as big as a million or more, or in fact getting a couple of significant wins which add up to a big win. Normally that’s what would be the claim to fame for a pro gambler, after which time they have a good pot of money to keep playing with and put themselves in line to possibly get more winnings with.

Documenting the small, incremental wins

If that one super big win never comes, then the next best thing for pro gamblers to do is to document the small, incremental winnings with the help of screen recording which suggests that they have a solid strategy. Some people might think that folks who do not have an iPhone cannot use this strategy, but that is not the case. With the help of a suitable video capturing software, screen recording can be done on your Windows PC as well. If you’d like to learn more about this, you can head over to or similar blogs that might provide some enlightenment. This is actually how most pro gamblers earn their money – they either go on to sell their strategy or just monetise it by placing ads over something like a blog on which they’d be sharing their strategies.

Some so-called pro gamblers use this in a rather devious manner by only documenting their winning streaks, which often even don’t add up to any sizeable profit at all. They then proceed to monetise what they sell as their winning strategy in the same way as discussed above, with the only difference being that it’s not quite a winning strategy!

Having fun and enjoying casino games of all kinds

This perhaps goes back to the post-big-winnings phase, where it’s virtually impossible to waste away all your winnings. If you play enough times, a luxury afforded to you if you have some good capital to bet with, then you can only really increase your winnings pot as opposed to wasting it. So, once they have checked out this guide from somewhere like Troy Media detailing how to find the best mobile casinos on the market, most pro gamblers will be found on online casinos playing those games which are more fun as well as perhaps frequenting physical casinos, betting with real money in any case just to keep giving themselves a chance of winning.

Bringing it all together

Forging out a career for yourself as a pro gambler could work out to be very lucrative for you if you follow this mapped out path, but naturally you’ll need to add a little bit of your own flair and flavour to it. So if you want to be in on a good platform with which to go through the entire three-step process you could try here. Not only will you be afforded ample, genuine opportunities to chase that big win, you will also be able to enjoy garnering the small, incremental wins which you could perhaps document using something like screen recording software, and additionally you will definitely enjoy yourself with the wide range of games the platform has on offer.