Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, if you’re an avid plant lover, the chances are that your green thumb might be getting in the way of this relaxing atmosphere—plants need water and sunlight, after all!

If you want to improve your home’s condition for plant lovers like yourself, consider home remodeling it so that there is ample natural light and places to store plants.

Start Planning for Your Plant-Friendly Home With These Suggestions

  • Open up Your Ceilings

Adding skylights can help encourage more natural lighting into your home without compromising privacy. Skylights work especially well in rooms with low ceilings since they will illuminate a large area with minimal impact on the room’s appearance.

  • Go For an Open Floor Plan

It is beneficial for any homeowner, but it can be especially helpful to plant lovers because it allows sunlight to reach more of your home, which will help plants thrive. Your family may also appreciate the extra space that comes with an open floor plan. It makes socializing easier and provides a true sense of community among houseguests.

  • Add Windows

Replacing all of your home’s window coverings with blinds or curtains could make your space seem drab and artificial, so replacing only certain windows will give your room a fresh new look without making major changes.

You can choose to replace windows facing east-west or just one large picture window in a room to give it a breeze. If your home is surrounded by trees, consider replacing windows on the shady side with translucent windows so that light can still enter.

  • Install a Fireplace

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where you can get away with adding a fireplace (and if your homeowner’s insurance company allows it), this addition will provide both warmth and natural sunlight into your home.

Plants no longer have to compete for all of the glorious sunlight that used to flood into your home through large windows because they’ll be getting their very own share instead!

  • Paint Exterior Walls

All pastel colors and white trim make homes look clean and bright; however, dark siding tends to absorb more light and heat, making the inside of your home feel darker and colder. If you want to brighten up your home’s exterior while also helping it retain more light and warmth, consider painting its exterior walls a neutral pastel color.

  • Upgrade Your Windows

Again It may be time for a change if old single-pane windows are letting in chilly drafts or causing rooms to be too hot or cold. Replacing old windows can help increase energy efficiency while also allowing more sunlight into your home during the day without sacrificing privacy at night.

  • Add A Balcony Or Patio

You may not have room on your property to add another floor to your home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get some extra square footage! If you have a spare corner of your yard, consider adding a small balcony or patio where you can enjoy relaxation and nature.

  • Incorporate More Plants

Even if you already have plenty of plants inside your home, adding more might not be a bad idea for plant lovers! If you love having fresh-cut flowers in your home but find that they die too quickly without being able to bask in the sun’s light, try adding some colorful vines instead.

Vines can easily grow on sunny walls while providing a pop of color and life in any room. Make sure the added décor doesn’t outshine the rest of your decorating, though; you wouldn’t want to cheapen its overall look with an overload of greenery.

  • Use Natural Wood Appliances

If you’re not happy with the color or sturdiness of your kitchen appliances, consider repainting or refinishing them to make them blend better with nature’s touch in your home. Painting appliances can help highlight rustic trims and wood cabinets while also making white appliances less dominating.

  • Paint Walls Neutral Colors

No matter what area of a home remodel you want to change, it pays off to paint walls neutral colors if they aren’t already! Sticking with one color family will tie all rooms together and will complement any plants that might be hanging around at the time.

  • Add Lush Foliage

Plants don’t have to take up the entirety of your rooms to stand out; adding small potted plants to your home’s nooks, and crannies can make a huge difference as well.

Adding some ivy or other low-maintenance vines around the base of your home will help create a sense of warmth and life, especially if you live in an area where this type of vegetation is already abundant.

  • Paint A Wall

With Chalkboard Paint Using chalkboard paint on otherwise unnoticeable surfaces – be it wood paneling or exposed brick – will give any room a playful feel without taking away its sophistication and style.

Try painting walls with chalkboard paint, then cover them with messages during big parties! That way, you’ll never have to worry about people forgetting your house rules again.

  • Add A Fireplace

Fireplaces are a great source of comfort and warmth during colder months, but they can also make rooms look too dark if there isn’t much natural lighting nearby.

If you want to add a fireplace to your living room without flipping the switch on any extra darkness, make sure it’s located near a window or is surrounded by windows on either side that provide ample lighting from outside sources.

You’ll find that this added sunlight will not only brighten up your home’s interior but it’ll also complement the ambiance created by the fireplace itself!

  • Use Light And Airy Color Schemes

Pale colors give homes a light and airy feel while still providing an elegant touch; plus, pale colors are much easier to clean than darker ones. If you plan on hiring a home design contractor in remodeling your home with a light color scheme, make sure all rooms have plenty of natural lighting nearby so that the color will truly shine instead of looking dull and lifeless.

  • Add A Pool Or Spa

One way of increasing the value of your home while also increasing its curb appeal is by adding an in-ground pool or hot tub. Even if not many plants surround it, pools and spas provide a great sense of class and style while also serving as an excellent place to relax during hotter months.

Some homeowners worry about children getting into water without supervision, but if you’re worried about this problem, try playing music above the noise level that toddlers can hear that will let you know when they’re getting too close to the pool.

  • Add A Fence

Fences provide a nice, snug place for plants to grow – just remember that different types of trees and bushes need different types of fencing surrounding them.

For instance, staking a tree with a short fence around it will suffocate its roots while preventing other plants from having enough room to take root as well, so be sure to do your research before purchasing any fencing supplies!

  • Keep It Clean

Keeping your home’s floor clean is important if you want to keep it looking good and new year after year. Although carpets can help keep floors soft and cushiony, cleaning these rugs can be tough since most don’t seem to fit through doors.

If you have a small home with little storage space, consider getting hardwood flooring instead of carpeting so that your floors are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Add A Work Of Art

If you have trouble coming up with ideas for wall decorations, try adding one or two pieces of art to the room. Paintings can create stark contrasts that accentuate other elements in the room, while photographs give rooms more personality by capturing moments from throughout your life.

This being said, finding artwork that matches both your preferences as well as your style theme won’t be an easy task; but once you do, it’ll add a nice touch to any piece of furniture or set of windows!

  • Look For Thrift Store Deals

Before purchasing larger items for your home, try checking out thrift stores or yard sales; you’ll be surprised at how many treasures are hidden behind the front desk! Plus, most items at these stores are much cheaper than what they would cost brand new – plus you won’t have to worry about them breaking down within a few months of using them.

Remodel Your Home the Way You Want To

Following these steps will help you remodel your home in a way that highlights its natural beauty while also making it an inviting place for guests to come and enjoy. You can also callhome remodeling services to help you with your renovation project.

There are plenty of reliable home remodeling contractors that you can find locally. Remember, the most important part of any home is in the people who live inside, so remember to invite some friends over once you’re done with all your renovations!