While the professional sports world is undeniably very, very lucrative, it takes a lot for any child showing some talent and promise to eventually make it and ultimately turn pro. It’s in a sense a numbers game that sadly sees many talents never coming to realize their full potential, while some mildly talented individuals who have a number of things going their way eventually go on to turn professional. It is good to encourage children to play sports as they may find something that ignites a desire to play a certain sport that they excel in. If they do want to explore it further it would be a good idea to take a look at this page for sporting equipment that they can play with.


Between the fledgling career-ending injuries, the missed opportunities, the politics, and many other obstacles, a lot of investment can go into the development of a child’s talent, only for one defining moment to effectively render all that effort irrelevant. There’s no reason not to invest in your child’s talents however because pursuing any path which requires their vested interest is something which has a lot of life lessons to teach. It’ll be money well-spent either way, even if just to teach them discipline, focus and perhaps even patience.

Everything costs money though, but if you focus on backing up your support for your child’s talent development with some pedigreed brands, they’ll not only have the best chance of success, but you’ll save a buck or two without compromising on the quality of their weapons of war.


Let’s face it, when you hear anyone talking about their ambitions of becoming a professional sportsperson, whether it’s a boy or girl, the very first thought that comes to the mind is football. Founded all the way back in 1924, Umbro is a pedigreed English brand with a long-running heritage in supplying sporting equipment and apparel for the beautiful game of football. Yes, there are some sports apparel and equipment brands which have a much bigger global presence, but Umbro can match any of those brands in quality – quality which comes at a much more affordable price due to Umbro being a local brand (based in Manchester), among other things. Besides, if it’s good enough to be the sports apparel and equipment supplier of Everton Football Club then it must definitely be more than good enough to supply your child with the tools they’ll need to help hone their skills and develop their talents. This iconic British brand’s heritage lives on in modern day football, with their sponsorship of big names such as Pepe of Real Madrid.

So the boots you buy bearing the Umbro name and emblem may be a little cheaper than the likes of Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc, but by no means will you be giving your child lower quality equipment. If anything, this now means they can have two or three different pairs of soccer boots instead of just one, like perhaps a six-studded pair in addition to multi-studs and just an extra pair of different coloured boots.

If your child’s interest transcends the popular world of football, the idea is that keeping it local in supporting their talents will help you be able to afford it and perhaps even offer them much more as a result. The likes of Gunn & Moore (cricket equipment) and Reebok come to mind as pedigreed British brands or brands with British heritage/origin, but there are many others beyond sports apparel and equipment.