When one grabs any classic novel or even a movie that has something to do with picking a college degree, more often than not, there is one phrase that pops up i.e. follow your passion. While that advice has been passed down from generation to generation, the time has now come to question if indeed this is helpful advice or not. Below, we highlight some of the key arguments for and against in light of the ‘follow your passion’ advice.

Great to Follow Your Passion Because

It Makes Your Life Easier and Happier

Proponents of the ‘follow your passion’ advice argue that choosing a degree based on what you love is great as it makes college life easier for you and much happier. You’ll be up on that graduation stage with your regalia from Jostens, incredibly happy that you got to where you are by choosing who you are at your core. Because you are doing something that you have always loved, you need no extra motivation to read and learn more about that particular subject. It does not matter if you want to be a writer as you can start your blog, if you want to be a marine biologist as you can migrate to countries where such professionals are in demand or if you want to be a gamer as you can simply earn a living through gambling at online casino such as casino.netbet.co.uk among many others.

You Have Better Chances of Succeeding In Your Career

The advantages of following your passion when choosing a college degree transcend beyond your college years. According to several studies, most professionals who have managed to reach the upper echelons of success have done so out of their love for what they do. This then simply means that when one follows his passion in choosing the best college mba, he stands a better chance of excelling in his career later on as he will be doing what he loves the most.

Great To Follow Your Passion But

You May Die Poor

At any given moment in life, there are some careers which are highly rewarding and some that are at the low tiers when it comes to remuneration. As such, those against the ‘follow your passion’ advice warn that if all people are to follow their passion when choosing a college degree, some would end up dying poor as what they love the most may not be rewarding professionally and financially later on. It is for this reason that they state that it’s better to base one’s decision on choosing a college degree for future career prospects rather than following one’s passion.

You Are Open to Exploitation

Those against the ‘follow your passion’ advice also argue that people who do what they love the most are on many occasions exploited. This is because some people fail or refuse to pay for rendered services as they believe that the person who did so did it out of love rather than as a way of earning a living. This is prominent in the arts field as artists are on many occasions not paid as the service receivers argue that they are giving the artists exposure to reach a wider audience.