Most of us, at some point in our lives, will suffer some sort of disability, and as times marches on, the chances for that to happen go up. As long as we have air in our lungs, however, we need to move, keep ourselves as strong as possible, and fight on to live another day. It is tough also to deal with a disability financially, so it is also important to take control of the situation, near-immediately, by applying for disability benefits as soon as possible, and Myler Disability can help you with this process.



The very word exercise is defined by any activity that promotes overall physical fitness, health and wellness. There are variations of exercise, including that which will enhance cardiovascular function, like aerobics, to strength training with weights, and flexibility exercises, like yoga. Maintaining physical fitness is of particular importance after suffering a disability, and it will just take some time to find out what works for you.

There are 3 types of exercise: aerobic, like cycling, swimming, and rowing; anaerobic, like weight-training or sprinting; and flexibility exercises designed to promote maximum range-of-motion for muscles and joints.

Limited Mobility Exercises

Something as simple as switching position throughout the day is important. Moving from a position of lying down, to sitting up in a chair, will easily increase your activity level. Standing, if possible, is another way to increase activity levels, and if done regularly, you will get stronger and have better physical fitness.

Breathing exercises are very good as well. Breathing in through the nose, and out through your mouth, will expand your chest muscles and provide for an awakening of those muscles that might have gone dormant since your disability.

These simple exercises can be done for 15 minutes per day, with small increases over time.


Swimming is good for just about everyone, and if you suffer a physical impairment that precludes you from swimming, going into the shallow-end of a pool, with assistance, is a great way to combine getting some cardiovascular exercise with resistance training. The water itself will provide resistance, and the benefits cannot be overstated.

Physical Therapy

Finding a professional therapist from somewhere similar to this Physical therapy newport beach clinic could be a great place to start when you find yourself disabled. This is because they can show you so many exercises that you can then do on your own, or even at a local gym. Annual, or semi-annual visits to a physical therapist will keep you building your repertoire of exercise options, and keep you going long after your find yourself with a disability.

Arm Cycling

This is a very popular option for those who have suffered a disabling condition in their legs. Many are tabletop models, and it will help you exercise your arms while you are seated.

There are lots of things you can even come up with on your own, that you feel comfortable doing, so don’t let your disability overcome you. While Myler Disability is helping you apply for disability benefits, it is important you keep doing some physical exercise and take care of yourself. Just try to move as much as possible, and this movement will fast become just the physical exercise you body needs to stay strong.