If you’ve never experienced going to college yourself, you’ve probably heard it all too often before how those varsity years are indeed the best years of your life. If you have been to college and you agree wholeheartedly that those were indeed the best years of your life, it can sometimes be hard to point to some specific details of your college years which made them the best.


It wouldn’t be a frivolous exercise at all though to look back at those golden years and try to pick out the specific elements of varsity life which made it such a good life everybody looks back on with fondness. There are certain aspects of varsity life you can instil in your current life, not in an attempt to avert suffering the effects of a mid-life crisis or anything like that, but just to sort of tap into that spirit of just being able to make a plan and find a way to make things happen, no matter what. You had the one major life goal of getting your qualification, and despite all the challenges you went through, you somehow made a plan to face them head-on and you eventually got through them. All of this while taking full advantage of fact that you’re still young and can essentially afford to take more risks and make more mistakes.

Okay, so that just about leads us to one aspect of your varsity days which contributed to that period in your life making for the best years. You likely had much more energy than you do now and your developing body could take a serious beating and recover with just a few hours of sleep. Drinking binges and all-night parties weren’t a problem at all and you would be fresh and fit for class the next day. You could do this all week long and only need about one or two weeks of serious rest in order to work your vitality right up again to where it was, then all the madness starts all over again.

That’s not something you can look back on now with the view of re-living those days, but at least you have your memories.

What you can look back on however is just how you managed to get by on what was likely a very meagre student budget, yet you somehow made it work. Yes, the likelihood is that certain aspects of your life back then were discounted quite considerably, such as having to pay less for your bus fares by virtue of the famous student discount.

Discounts are still available in just about every area in your life which adds to your expenses however, although not on the scale of your student days. We get voyager miles these days, insurance premium discounts which are deducted on merit of you using your gym membership, etc. So if there is one way through which you can try and relive the glory days of your years as a student, it’s by recapturing that resilient spirit you had to just make sure you get what needs to be done, done.