Spring is coming and that means it’s time for some new summer clothes. But before you visit Zefinka or any other clothing shop, you need to clean out your wardrobe. Some people love going to their clothes and decide what to keep or throw away Other people open the doors of their wardrobe, see piles of clothing lying around and don’t know where to start. If you’re part of the last group you might be in need of some help. That’s where we come in with some tips and tricks for cleaning out your winter warmers and creating a new summer wardrobe.

Declutter, Donate And Dispose
If you have a bunch of old clothes that you no longer use or that don’t fit you, why keep them unnecessarily stored in the cupboard? Consider donating them to local charities or homeless shelters. On the other hand, if the clothes are torn, stained, and in poor condition, it is recommended to dispose of them properly. You can contact your local dumpster rental company to help you with the effective disposal of your clothes and any other household items, for that matter.

Put Winter Clothes Away

The first and easiest way to create some clothes is by selecting winter clothes and storing them away. As the days get warmer, your coats, thick cardigans, vests and sweaters won’t be used until next autumn. That means you can take them out of your regular wardrobe and put them either on high shelves or in a separate wardrobe that you keep for clothing storage. Was the clothes that need to be washed, iron them and put them away. Of course, you can also throw away some knitwear that has seen better days and probably won’t be worn again. There, your regular closet looks a lot emptier.

Two Piles of Clothes

Make two or three pair of clothes. The first pile is the easiest one; it’s the pile that contains clothes that you will definitely keep. The pile should include clothes that you have worn recently, fit you well and still look good. The second pile is a bit harder. It’s the pile that contains trousers and tops that you are going to throw away or donate to charity. There are a few criteria that can make clothes end up at this pile. One of them is that you don’t wear them anymore. Some people say that you should throw away any T-shirt that you haven’t worn in over 6 months, but I would like to make that 12 months or a year and a half. If you haven’t worn a dress or shirt in over two years, you should definitely consider tossing it aside. Additionally, you could create a division within your closet, with one side comprising your summer clothes and the other with winter clothes. You can easily create this kind of shelving by searching online for “handyman in my area in Boiling Springs” (if that’s where you reside) and using their expertise to carefully install new shelves and redesign the space. With this kind of arrangement, it makes reorganizing for the seasons much easier.

A Capsule Wardrobe

One way of organising your wardrobe if you want to be thorough is by creating your very own capsule wardrobe. The principle of a capsule wardrobe is that your closet only contains matching clothes. That does not mean that you have a whole lot of sets in your wardrobe. What is really means is that all of your shirts, trousers and pullovers match. So no matter what kind of shirt or sweater you take, it can be combined with practically any other item. Having a capsule wardrobe also entails that you have no more clothes than you need. You have only the essentials and a few eye-catchers.