If you’re thinking of tying the knot there are not many better places to do so than Houston. It has a lot of fun attached to it, and plenty of great places to hold your big day. In this article we will look at just a few of the best places to get married in Houston. So if you’re currently out there right now searching for wedding rings in Houston, we have the info you need to make the Big Day go with a bang.

First up, if you would like a little bit of fun in your day, then consider heading on over to the Harmony Wedding Chapel. This is one of the coolest places to get married in Houston, and it has a slight touch of the Vegas about it, with a kitsch and fun approach. It’s right next to a freeway so your guests can easily get to it, and the staff here are incredibly warm and welcoming. If you want a wedding that is memorable in a completely fun and relaxed way, then this is the place for you. It’s a little bit full on in the cheese stakes, but that’s probably what you expect as soon as you make the booking.

Harmony Wedding Chapel

8120 Gulf Freeway

If you’re looking for a venue that has the sweetest name around in Houston, you could do very well with looking at the fabulous Rosemary’s Garden. This gorgeous little venue is a trifle small when it comes to the chapel, but the real beauty of this place is that you and your guests get full use of the ballrooms here. They’re amazing, and should ensure that you and your guests get a lot out of the time you spend here, dancing the night away in beautiful surroundings. It’s a little pricey, to be honest, but you’re paying for a great setting.

Rosemary’s Garden

14639 Bellaire


The Corinthian is pure class, and it costs a lot too, with as much as $15,000 being the price of a basic reception.  But the splendour and sheer drama of the place makes it an ideal venue if you have the money. There’s opulence everywhere, and you will feel like a fairytale princess if you have your wedding here. It looks amazing, and will be a wonderful backdrop and setting for the hundreds of photos you’re going to take. Is it’s a little expensive, but most definitely worth it.

The Corinthian

202 Fannin

Chateau Cocomar

This is one of the most beautiful venues in Houston, and you’ll pay for it too. Amazing grounds and a truly unique setting of a real chateau building allow you to think you’ve finally made it to the fairytale castle. It’s a beautiful place for a wedding, and the memories that the setting will bring will all be worth the hefty price tag.

Chateau Cocomar

14525 Champions

Whichever venue you choose, you’re sure to be pleased you chose Houston as your place to get married. It’s a fantastic area, and with the venues above, you’ll have guests who are very grateful for a very memorable day.