When you’re tired of living in your house because you’ve outgrown it, you have two main options: you can either relocate or you can consider remodelling your home and perhaps even making your home bigger by adding an extension. For many, the pros of building an extension far outweigh the benefits that would come with moving, and you can learn a few reasons why below.


It’s More Convenient

Let’s face it, moving isn’t easy, and no one really ever wants to do it. Packing up all of your belongings, deciding what you’ll take with you and what you’ll get rid of, and then hiring a moving crew and renting a moving van is tough. And all of that hassle comes after you’ve purchased another home and sold yours. Unless you have the money to take out a new mortgage without having to sell your existing home, you’ll need to wait for the right buyer to come along, and that could take a while, and you will have to deal with a realtor and with scheduling home visits for buyers. Rather than hiring all of those experts, you can instead focus on using a resource like Plentific Builders to find the builder that will add your ideal extension to your property.

It’s More Affordable

In addition to being a huge unwanted hassle, moving is also very expensive. Again, you have to hire a moving crew, rent a moving van, and, of course, pay for your new home. Rather than spending all of your money on a new house, you can focus on working with a builder who will be able to come up with the best plan that will make your existing house work for you. This will cost you less money than purchasing a new home, and you will not have to worry about selling your home first either. The money you save can instead be used on improving your current home, so if you’re looking to install an Air Conditioner, for example, you’ll have more money to be able to do it.

You Can Stay Where You Love and Make It Work

If you moved to your area for a specific reason, whether that was to be close to the park, close to your job, or close to your family, you probably don’t want to leave. So if you love the area that you live in and you really don’t want to have to move away from it, you should definitely consider adding an extension to your property to increase your living space. In this way, you can stay exactly where you love to be, near your loved ones and friends, and you will be able to have all of the same amenities that you currently love having, without having to give any of them up.

There are a lot of great reasons why you should consider adding an extension to your home before you choose to move. You may be surprised by all that you can do, from extending your home to the front, back, side, or even upward. So rather than having to find the perfect home, you can instead make your existing home perfect.