A somewhat unknown cosmetic dentistry option available at your dentist in Mackay is the option to reshape and contour your gums to be more symmetrical or to uncover some of your teeth if they appear to be too short.

At Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, how a patient feels about their smile is extremely important. A smile goes far beyond a simple positive reaction. Smiling is known to benefit a person’s health, how well they do in business ventures and their social and romantic lives. Therefore, dentists will do their utmost in providing their patients with information and superior assistance in making sure that a patient creates the smile of their dreams.

Cosmetic dentistry is as vast field that is in high demand. It goes alongside preventive and restorative care to create a complete package of oral care that can be provided by any local waterloo dentist (or a similar professional where you live). A combination of all three will result in a completely healthy smile that will remain with a person for their lifetime. It is often that each field overlaps, with cosmetic care also providing patients with an element of preventive or restorative care at the same time. This is why a dentist can provide complete care for their patient’s mouth.

What is gum contouring

So to get back to the point at hand, to cosmetically reshape a person’s gums does have additional health benefits for people who have an extensive gum line. The gum line can be lower than desirable due to a number of reasons, namely genetic or because of certain medications.

It is possible that there are pockets of space underneath the gum where the tooth is covered which can harbour residual food pieces and bad bacteria. Accumulation of bacteria not only lead to bad breath, but they can also cause plaque build up and decay, which can result in tooth loss if not treated swiftly.

By removing the excess tissue, these issues can be eliminated and people can benefit from exposing more of their natural teeth, which can have an immediate and dramatic effect. It is a simple way of creating a smile that is more aligned to what a person wishes to have.

Dentists need to be careful throughout this procedure to not expose the sensitive roots of the teeth. They will only go as far as enamel is still prevalent on teeth, that is, where the gum naturally should have stopped but due to genetics or certain medications has simply continued to grow. Make sure your local dentist in dublin ca or elsewhere explains the procedure to you completely before you undertake it.

They use laser technology and it is done in a precise and accurate way. It is important that the dentist understands what the natural gum line contours are like and that they work to create an even and natural looking line.

Thankfully, through many years of experience and training, dentists are very adept at these skills and the final result is a beautiful representation of longer and healthier teeth.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.