Before the start of the new year, a lot of people begin to pay attention to current business trends. Many industries have been affected by the covid pandemic, including the gaming industry. 

Now developers pay more attention to supporting released games rather than launching new ones. This is due to the consequences of covid since the vast majority of company employees are switching to remote work. Another highlight in 2021: graphics cards and consoles remain in short supply as well.

Notwithstanding the problems listed above, experts predict that 2022 will be an opportune year for video games and sales will grow. In the same year, all gaming fans are looking forward to the largest event — ICE London, an international specialized exhibition of the gaming and entertainment industry.   

BETER is a provider of engaging, high-impact products with a 5.5-7% margin. The brand will also attend the ICE London 2022 and present its line of new products: BETER Sports, BETER Esports, BETER Live and BETER Gaming. 

    ICE London 2022: to get next-gen betting solutions 

The world’s largest trade show for gaming innovation brings together over 600 solution professionals and over 36,000 game professionals across all gaming sectors. 

Meetings with like-minded people during the event will provide invaluable experience and explore in detail the future of the gaming industry. Getting to know BETER will help the audience realize its potential by getting answers to various questions in the field of betting and gaming. 

The provided solutions will allow you to scale business, which is especially important in view of the consequences of the pandemic. 

BETER provides intelligent services and insights leading to the improved end customer, active clients seamless customer journey, allowing improved cross-sell and movement between product verticals. The combination of these factors and high-quality expertise attracts the audience to use BETER services.