If you have been asked to help plan a wedding, or you are planning your own wedding, you may be wondering what on earth you have got yourself into. As one of the most stressful things you can do, wedding planning really does take it out of you emotionally and mentally. There is so much to organise and so many different things to book and pay for. It is no wonder that many brides end up in tears on more than one occasion, long before they see themselves in their wedding dress!

One of the most frustrating parts of planning your wedding is making sure you have a good colour match. Once you have picked your theme colour, you want that colour to pop up everywhere. You want the blooms in your bouquet to be right, the buttonholes for the groom, the centrepieces, and your dress to feature this one dominant colour. Then, of course, you start to fret about how you can get the wedding stationery and menus to print right. Potentially sending them back several times can be a significant cost.

One way to avoid this is to print out your own wedding invitations from a template website like freebie.983invitation.com. You will be able to adjust the colours your home printer churns out easily and far more cheaply than using a professional printer. This colour can then be matched to your home printed menus, thank you cards, place settings, and everything else. It is a cheap and convenient way to colour match exactly the way you want it.

Some florists are happy to dye certain flowers to match the colour you are looking for. Alternatively, shop around for some ribbon at your local haberdashery stores that match your printed out invitations. Then ask the florist to make use of these on your bouquets. You can also use this ribbon for your flower girls. They can wear it in their hair, around their wrist or their waist. If you hand some to your chosen boutique, the dressmaker should be able to incorporate it easily at no extra cost.

If you have selected your own coloured ribbon or fabric, you may be able to go even further with it. If you purchase adequate quantities, you may be able to dress your reception seating, making these match the rest of your theme. You can even cut thin strips of it to tie around balloons. There are many applications and many opportunities for you to integrate your chosen colour scheme into every aspect of your wedding.


The source of this photograph is Flickr.com

Colour matching can be tricky and can potentially be expensive, but these simple tips can go a long way to making sure everything is coordinated and looking right. The light on the day may show up one or two discrepancies, but under typical indoor lighting, it is unlikely anyone would notice if the shades were a little different. Having a colour scheme can add a great deal of style and chic to your wedding, so see if you can bring something more to your important day.