It is no secret that during severe winter weather, our homes usually require some extra help to keep things warm and dry. One of the first things you should do to prepare your home for winter, for example, is to clear your gutters of leaves and debris. You can use Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Tulsa or a similar company in your area to help you do this, which should reduce the chances of dampness penetrating your walls during a storm. However, there are also other areas of your home that you should consider, like your windows and doors. In this article we will give you several useful tips to insulate your doors and windows with the pro help from Morinville windows contractors.

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This is something we usually see at schools and kindergartens when fall season comes. Teachers usually use duct or masking tape to actually tape the glass portions of doors and windows in a criss-cross pattern. In theory this should keep the glass together in case during the severe low temperature it breaks. In reality this thing does not work, however, if you have old windows and do not have much money for replacement, tape can help you cover the holes and leaks in frames giving you better insulation.


Plywood according to the experts in windows Morinville has always been and in fact still is one of the most effective methods of protecting windows and doors openings in severe weather. All you need to do is to nail or screw 5/8 or 3/4 sheets of plywood to your home’s exterior walls; this simple action will keep any flying objects, rain and wind far away from the windows glass. This is a great way of protecting your windows however you need to make sure that you have these sheets prepared beforehand. Plus, you may want to book a professional window cleaning service once the plywood comes down, as this method can make your windows pretty grimy.


Shutter or hurricane shutters are actually referred to as any solid material which is specifically designed to cover windows. Although some household makes use of security screens instead of shutters. Though they are not best for hurricanes, they can be used as a last line of defense to help hold broken glass in place, rather than leaving your home exposed to the elements. You can read to understand the difference between hurricane shutters and security screens. Below there is a list of three main types of shutters that are used today.

Storm Panel Shutters are usually aluminum or steel corrugated panels which overlap each other in order to create additional strength. They are usually attached to the walls around the existing doors and windows on bolts or specially pre-installed tracks. Their greatest advantage is in the fact that they are very strong, and can give you excellent protection. They are also easily removable, so do not change the exterior look of your house.

Colonial and Bahama Hurricane Shutters are louvered shutters which are attached directly to the wall above or beside your windows. They are great because can be “activated” by a single person easily if needed. They do not require any special storage place or space and can actually be a decorative part of you interior.

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters are attached permanently above the windows in an enclosed box if they are not used and in this case they can be rolled down, either electronically by motor or manually with a hand crank. This is one of the easiest systems to operate when you need it.

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