There is no doubt that LifeLock identity theft protection services are one of the best in America. The different protection plans help you by ensuring that you are protected against identity fraud and theft. By getting identity theft protection from LifeLock, you protect your finances, your credit and all that you have strived so hard to achieve. However, it is important to understand various Lifelock identity theft protection plans that are available for you.


The Different Available LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Plans

LifeLock has three basic plans for taking care and ensuring that your reputation and credit is not ruined. It is important to note that all LifeLock identity theft protection plans have the $1 million total service guarantee. There is the LifeLock Standard Plan, the LifeLock Advantage Plan and the LifeLock Ultimate Plan. Below are the plans and what they contain.

The LifeLock Standard Membership Plan

This is the most affordable plan at $8.99 per months and with 30 days free. With this plan, you get the LifeLock privacy tool that helps to decrease public exposure. What this means is that your personal information will not easily be disclosed to the public and will remain private. It also has what is known as black market surveillance. LifeLock keeps watch over more than 10,000 websites where criminals might possibly sell identities that they have stolen to ensure that your identity is not sold over the internet. The lost wallet protection feature is designed to protect your identity.

When you lose you lose your wallet, you are at risk of losing your identity. Life Lock helps you replace any vital documents that are lost when your wallet is lost. These might include credit cards, your driver’s licenses, your social security cards, your insurance cards and other types of documentation. The LifeLock identity alert system is designed to send you alerts the moment there is a need to do so and specialists are available to help you on phone. There is also the lost funds reimbursement feature. When your identity is stolen, your money is protected and every dollar lost is reimbursed. Through the live member support, you can speak to protection agents who will answer all your queries.

The address change verification feature is designed to help you avert any possible address change that identity thieves might attempt. Mostly this is designed to divert information and gain access to vital financial information. LifeLock will let you know when this happens. The reduction of preapproved credit cards feature helps to deter identity thieves from getting hold of information about you. LifeLock looks for the preapproved cards and makes a request on your behalf that be removed from any of the mailing lists for the cards.

The Advantage Membership Plan

All the above mentioned features of the Standard plan are found on the Advantage plan with some extra features are also available at $19.99 a month. These include the court records scanning where LifeLock does a scanning of court record to see if your names and birth dates match with any type of criminal activity. This is essential because if your names have been used by criminals, you might be linked to crime and you might get a warrant of arrest or probably get convicted for something you never did.

Through the data breach notification feature, you get informed if there are large scale breaches. This helps you to ensure that your personal information is protected. You also get a review of all your credit cards, your savings accounts and get alerts in the event that any withdrawals take place, when any large balances are transferred or anything irregular happens. This helps deter any activities involved with fraud.

The online annual credit score and annual credit reports are other features. The former helps you view details of your credit history and the later helps you understand how lenders assess your credit score. Finally there is the fictions identity monitoring feature where LifeLock tries to find any names or addresses that have a connection to your social security number. This helps to safeguard you against any form of criminal activity that involves your social security number.

The LifeLock Ultimate Plus Plan

This plan of course has all the features found in the standard and Advantage plans and nine additional features at $29.99 per month. The credit inquiry alerts helps you to determine if someone has submitted a fraudulent card application probably using your information. You are able to respond to and to stop any fraudulent applications. Identity thieves can make attempts at taking over accounts using computers. The bank account takeover alert feature is designed to stop this. The file sharing network feature is designed to protect you from exposing your personal information. Numerous networks are monitored so that when your information is used, LifeLock is aware and can alert you.

Investment and retirement accounts can be subjected to fraudulent cash withdrawals and the Investment and retirement accounts feature helps protect against this. The online annual tri-bureau credit reports and scores feature helps you with a secure online access to your annual credit report from three bureaus namely Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. This feature is helpful because you are able to have a look at your credit history for the year. You also get a sex offender registry report feature so that you are aware when sex offenders move into your region. The monthly credit score tracking feature assists you to see the changes that occur on your credit and its movement over time.