The Royal Mint is expected to release a new series of 50p coins in limited to honour the great work of Beatrix Potter. This is just about a year after a first set of themed coins about Peter Rabbit were produced. They were released to commemorate the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the famous Beatrix Potter. These coins featured Mrs Tiggywinkle, Squirrel Nutkin, and Jemima Puddleduck. Now 30,000 fresh 50p coins have been created. Each of them are struck with the much-adored characters of Tom Kitten, Benjamin Bunny, Jeremy Fisher, and of course Peter Rabbit.

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Some valuable 50p coins that are currently in circulation could get you up to 3,000 if you keep your eyes peeled. There are numerous 50p coins that are quite valuable, and they are currently in use. A coin value chart can help you identify which 50p coins are worth more than their face value. These coins are often sought after by collectors, but with the right information, even you could find a valuable 50p coin in your pocket change. Apparently, to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics, the Royal Mint stuck twenty-nine different designs of a 50p coin. Some of them were released more than others. A full set of these coins could earn you around 35 at the auction. However, if you have the aquatic coin, it could well be worth a little fortune. Only six hundred of these coins were produced before the design was modified, and the original one is worth around 3K on eBay.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Kew Gardens in London, a very rare commemorative 50p coin was created. The Royal Mint released only 210,000 of the Kew Gardens 50p coins, and round 300 of them are said to be kept in private vaults. The value of the Kew Gardens coin is believed to have reached above 50 today and a few of them can be found on eBay. The WWF 50p coin design that was produced in 2011 can be worth more than 200 if you have one in your wallet. This coin has an iconic panda logo in the middle and it is surrounded by 50 other animals such as butterflies, frogs, and dolphins. Designed by Matthew Dent, this rare coin is quite popular among collectors. Back in 1992, a commemorative coin was issued by The British Mint to honour the British presidency that took seat at the council of Europe. These coins are not in circulation anymore after the 50p coin size was changed in 1997. And today it is worth 20.

If you reckon you have got a valuable coin in your possession, you can have it checked by an expert by going on the website of the Royal Mint Museum. You can even try to sell some of the more popular coins on eBay. There are many collectors who would be more than happy to purchase them to increase their personal collection of coins.