As per the Public Health England or PHE, vaping is considered as much safer than tobacco smoking and this trend could possibly lead to the abolishment of traditional cigarettes. They have offered an official recognition that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. It was also concluded by this health body that this is perhaps the best estimate and electronic cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than their tobacco counterparts and hence they are much safer for your family and friends. If you’ve been wondering about whether or not you should vape e-cigs in front of your friends and family including your kids, you should definitely go for it.

Nicotine – Its harmful effects

When you emphasize on the fact that electronic cigarettes aren’t free from any sort of health risk, they usually have the potential to make a considerable contribution to bring about an end to the use of tobacco throughout the nation. This opinion was backed by the CMO, Dame Sally Davies, who alerted the people that there’s still not much evidence on the long-term use of electronic cigarettes. He stresses on the fact that one should continue vaping only to quit smoking but he shouldn’t keep vaping even after that.

The ban of smoking in public places

There has been enough said and done on the ban of smoking at public places. In fact Ireland is a place where there are extremely stringent rules on smoking in the public. There is always a constant battle with the tobacco industry as it keeps fighting against the introduction of the electronic cigarettes and the different e-liquids that are being used by people to quit smoking.

The tobacco industry, in an attempt to keep its head above the sand, is investing a huge amount of money in the future of smoking – electronic cigarettes. They don’t comprise of tobacco and instead of tobacco, they have a cartridge that is filled with nicotine which is dissolved in water. The battery turns the liquid into vapor and the user gets a sufficient hit of nicotine with each puff.

You don’t have to worry about any toxic carbon monoxide and this is why the electronic cigarettes have passed all sorts of regulatory concerns. To know more on them, you may go through

Are there any long term health impacts?

As per the proponents, electronic cigarettes are usually vaped in concert halls, in pubs or in cinema halls and hence there is no more worry about people smoking them under the rain. As per the British Medical Association, they disagree to the fact that e-cigarettes have led to the ban on smoking tobacco cigarettes. They believe that the users themselves have become much aware of their health and the harm that is caused by tobacco.

Therefore, if you’re still worried about whether or not you should vape in front of your friends and family, you can shun off all inhibitions and start vaping. Vaping is not as harmful as second-hand smoking.