It can be a fine line between determining what a restorative or preventive treatment is, compared to a cosmetic one. In fact, many of them overlap, where some treatments meet a wide range of differing needs that patients present with. In some instances, this can be in a patient’s favour and other times it isn’t, depending on their insurance policy should they look for assistance in having some treatments done. Generally, cosmetic dental solutions are not covered, so it is important to determine what is deemed cosmetic and what isn’t for each insurance provider. There is a lot of focus on beauty in the modern day with Loxa Beauty Cannabidiol Skincare Products UK being a large seller.

A cosmetic dentist in Bromley approaches a patient’s needs with an eye for beauty and a mind for restoration and protection. They work to ensure their patient feels comfortable and confident with their smile and offers a series of different treatments that keep teeth healthy whilst perfecting them to bring forth a natural beauty.

It can be difficult to keep a cosmetically altered smile looking natural, but with skill, experience and knowledge, these professionals are able to offer just this. By speaking with their oral health care provider about the different treatments available, patients can enjoy a smile that they have always wanted and hopefully, this will inspire them to keep their teeth and gums strong, healthy and clean.

Porcelain veneers

This treatment consists of covering visible teeth with thin, porcelain shells of varying shapes, colours, and sizes. Generally, they are an attractive white which matches the wearer’s skin tone and existing teeth, veneers can be used to cover one or many teeth.

They work well to cover issues such as broken teeth, misshapen or discoloured teeth, cracked, chipped or otherwise unsightly teeth that can cause self-consciousness.

White fillings

Restorative care doesn’t need to be obvious. People can opt for a white filling that is indistinguishable when completed, rather than the usual metal fillings that can be quite obvious. If a person has existing metal fillings, they can also replace them.

Teeth whitening

One of the more common cosmetic solutions, patients can choose to have their teeth whitened in the dental practice or in the comfort of their own home. Generally, dentists will inspect the kind of staining prior to treatment, to ensure that their patient will be satisfied with potential results, as they do vary depending on the level and kind of staining present.

Invisible braces

Straightening teeth is perhaps one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available, and the journey has considerably improved over the years. People can now use Invisalign — invisible and removable braces — without having to face the stigma associated with metal braces. Opting for one involves contacting an invisalign provider san clemente or wherever interested individuals are located; most dental clinics offer this orthodontic treatment. Since invasible aligners largely contribute to building an individual’s confidence, they are gaining momentum with each passing day.


This is a machine that can build digitally perfected crowns in a matter of moments. Patients no longer need to suffer from gag-inducing moulds to get the right shape of a crown, they can enjoy this system that produces phenomenal results.

Dental implants

Known as an important restorative procedure as well, replacing teeth in a permanent fashion can improve an individual’s self-esteem, as well as their ability to eat and speak with ease.