Buying your first family home is a big step in anyone’s life. For the first time, you’re going to be running the household and bringing up a family under one roof. It’s an exciting time; that’s for sure. It’s important to plan carefully before you bid on any properties though, you don’t want to make a mistake on something so important.

There are some things in particular you should be thinking about when you’re about to buy your first family home. If you want to avoid disaster and get the ideal property for you and your family, make sure you think about these issues!

Pick Somewhere Safe

Every parent wants to bring their child up in a safe and secure environment. That’s why a lot of families choose to live away from big cities and more towards the countryside and the suburbs. You can do research on an area and look at the crime rates before you buy.

Once your research is done, visit and look at the properties in your chosen area that you can afford. Don’t just rely on crime stats and internet research though. Spend some time in your chosen location and get to know it well.

Think About Outdoor Space

Families need a decent level of outdoor space. If your kids have a great garden to spend time in when they’re growing up, they won’t be playing in the street, which is obviously more dangerous.

You want to make those summers as memorable as possible for your children, so make sure it’s a priority when you’re searching for a home. Properties with big gardens cost a bit more, but it’s a good investment for your family. Additionally, children love the beach as much as adults love a sea view. Looking for homes such as San Clemente Homes for Sale with Ocean Views or other homes in beach locations can be a good idea if you are looking for a house that is prepped for the summer. What’s better than a garden on your step? Well, a sea view!

Allow Your Family Room to Expand

Your family might be small now, but are you thinking about having more children in the future? If you are, you should buy a house that will allow your family the room to expand. You don’t want to buy a house and then have to move again in a few years time.

It’s sometimes difficult to plan things like this in advance. You might not know what the future plans for your family are. But if you want more children, factor that into the search for your new home.

Prioritize the Boring Stuff

As you get older, the boring stuff becomes much more important. Buying a house for the whole family forces you to think about all the boring practical stuff, not just the fun things.

For example, is that garage going to be big enough to store the SUV and the lawnmower? And is the dining room big enough for a family of your size? View every property with the boring things like this at the forefront of your mind.

Storage Will be Vital

Families use up a lot of storage, probably more that you’d initially imagine. You’ll understand what I mean in a few years time though!

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your family home has all the storage space you’re going to need. All those kids toys take up a lot of space! You’re not just buying for yourself anymore; you’re buying for a family.


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Buying a family home is always a difficult task, but try to have fun with it too! It’s an exciting time in your life, so enjoy it as much as possible.