Criminal solicitors will aid individuals who have been suspected or accused of a crime for a variety of criminal allegations. Criminal solicitors have expertise in this area of law and they have the ability to take on big or small cases. When an individual has been suspected of criminal activity by the authorities; criminal solicitors can represent the individual in defence. This is to ensure and recognise that all protected, legal rights are administered in the appropriate way. The solicitors also have a responsibility to present their clients case in court to make certain that a fair hearing has commenced.

You have to know what actions can be held against you as a criminal offense. Most of the times, people may be completely unaware of their legal rights as a citizen, and may not think that legal help can get them out of a sticky situation where they are not at fault at all. For example, knowing the gun laws of a state that allows someone to keep a handgun or pistol for personal self-defense is often not an offense. If a state’s regulations are being followed and the appropriate licenses held, then a gun can be concealed and carried using hidden hybrid holsters without it becoming a criminal offense. Similarly, a knowledge of the various other rights and laws in a particular state can be beneficial in avoiding unnecessary charges or lawsuits, for which sound legal counsel can always be helpful.

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Why is it important to get specialist representation?

It can become a stressful process when an individual has been accused of a criminal offence. There can be physical, emotional and social effects when this does occur. The aftermath of this can possibly lead to disturbing an individual’s mental health which can include both the client and their family. Not only is there the potential of losing an individual’s good character and reputation from a criminal record, alongside the entry on an enhanced DBS check, the individual is also in a vulnerable position where they may risk losing family, their career and their freedom. 

This is why it is highly advised and significant to look for specialist representation at a much earlier stage. This is encouraged as decisions made from beyond can have a significant effect on later events. It can also impact the decisions on whether a prosecution will take place. 

By obtaining specialist representation at an earlier stage and taking further immediate action it will significantly help an individual’s case. Criminal solicitors will ensure they take proactive and robust steps. This will include the following: gathering evidence, CCTV footage, interviewing witnesses, seeking experts to defend allegations. All these steps could have a high potential impact on the decision to prosecute.

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What are some services criminal solicitors deal with?

Criminal solicitors deal with many crimes and commonly includes the following: murder, manslaughter, terrorism, serious drug offences, violent crimes, money laundering, Restraint orders, cash seizure, forfeiture and advice at the police station.

How do solicitors deal with murder and manslaughter cases?

Criminal solicitors have expertise and knowledge when representing those who are facing murder and manslaughter allegations. These cases that are of high level always require excellence in terms of levels of skill, experience and an understanding persona. Murder allegations carry the mosts serious penalties and can lead to an individual facing mandatory life imprisonment.

Criminal solicitors in these murder/manslaughter cases are regularly instructed in cases where clients are being accused of an indictable offence. This also includes being instructed in corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter. A criminal solicitor will ensure that they provide the best service and expert representation on these cases. This also includes but it is not limited to crimes involving: Revenge murder, gang related murder, dsicrimation murder, honey trap murder and honour killings.

Criminal solicitors have the ability to deal with many problems such as insanity, joint enterprise, self-defence and many more issues with criminal solicitors in Middlesex.