If you are thinking of relocating your family to Marbella, let us reassure you that this is an excellent choice for you and your children. The city has a natural prestige that makes it a fantastic place to grow up, but you’ll also find that it is filled with truly friendly people, excellent restaurants and world-class infrastructure. Close to the beach and with a charming old town, Marbella has just about everything a family could wish for. Read on for more reasons to make Marbella your new home. 


Dream climate

Of course one of the natural advantages of the Marbella experience is the great weather. Boasting a yearly average of 300 days of sun, you and your family will love the warmth all year round. Throughout the summer months the average temperature sits in the early 20 degrees – truly delightful.

Marbella is also built for you to take advantage of that climate with a range of fantastic open spaces and parks where you can outside the great outdoors. Restaurants specialise in lovely al fresco dining and the shoreline is packed with activities. You won’t have trouble convincing your kids to go out and enjoy the sunshine when the weather is always so fantastic. The great climate lends itself to more outdoor adventures and great family bonding time.

Range of living options

Marbella has a range of living options to suit every lifestyle. The city boasts an incredible selection of gorgeous villas, townhouses and apartments for families of every size. Choose from city centre properties that are close to the action of downtown or head to the quieter outskirts of town for more space and privacy.

Whether it is important to you to be on the beachfront or you would prefer stunning views of the scenery, there will be the perfect property for you. In Marbella there is no need to compromise on your ideal living situation.

More family-friendly than you might think

You might not think of Marbella as a great place for families. But this Costa Del Sol city actually offers an exceptional environment to bring up kids. Traditionally known as a resort town, Marbella is a brilliant place to live all year round with excellent modern facilities to make use of.

The cost of living is actually very reasonable when compared with much of Europe – grocery shopping and dining out is especially reasonable, even in some of the truly excellent restaurants dotted around the city.

Of course there is the family-fun of the beach within easy reach, but there are also plenty of cultural attractions with historical sites, museums and palaces to explore.

A great education

Obviously one of the major things to consider when moving your family to Spain is the schooling of your children. Spain has an excellent standard of education so you can be sure that your children will not miss out. When you move to Marbella you’ll need to register at the town hall, here you can get information on schools and education options.

What you choose to do will depend entirely on you and your circumstances, but it is reassuring to know that there are a range of options to choose from in terms of education. If your children can already speak Spanish fluently enough to learn in or are young enough to be taught Spanish as a first language, you can consider sending them local Spanish schools.

If learning in Spanish isn’t an option, you can look into international schools with bilingual teaching. Swans International School is closest to Marbella, but there are other options nearby. These schools can offer an excellent learning environment for your children.

Spanish lifestyle

Another great reason to relocate your family to Marbella is the advantage of the Spanish lifestyle. The Mediterranean offers a famously healthy diet and way of life, leading to a long life expectancy across the region.

Marbella and Andalusia offers a great quality of life with a true emphasis on family life and strong ties in the community. With a relaxed atmosphere, this is a wonderfully stress-free place to live for you, your partner and your family.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working alongside a selection of companies including Marbella’s largest and longest-running real estate agent Panorama.es, who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.