Stories of how some insanely talented people are famously reclusive and generally shy away from media attention are definitely intriguing to say the least, but that should happen as a consequence instead of something you expressly aim for on your quest to pursue your passion. The likes of famous singer Sade Adu pursued their talents in a time when they were bound to be discovered in some or other way, so they could have easily gotten away with taking the quieter route to following their passions.

These days however you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice if you chose to pursue your passion under the dark of the night and without any noise, for a number of reasons to be honest. I mean sure, there are some things which in order to succeed at them require you to knuckle down, perhaps go underground and just work hard at them in silence before revealing whatever it is as your claim to fame, but even then you’re likelier to succeed if you openly pursue that path.

Fiercer competition

Competition is so much fiercer these days because there are more people in the world who have access to the same opportunities you’d be looking at exploiting in order to get ahead in the perusal of your passion. You can look at any industry for some great examples, not least of which is professional sports. How many budding sports starlets are making full use of the head-start they’re afforded for example, by participating in organised sport in their very early youth with access to the guidance of professional coaches and the likes?

How many people decide to jump right into some business idea which was inspired by nothing more than a look at someone who went ahead with it ahead of them?

You cannot hide anymore. Rather make your intentions clear from the onset so that you at least get a taste of the competition you’ll be coming up against.

Talent alone doesn’t cut it anymore

I like using pro sports as an example because it just makes for a great example in so many scenarios, one of which is how talent alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you isolate yourself in pursuing a passion that falls in line with your talent perhaps, you deprive yourself the opportunity to develop in the other areas which usually constitute part of what makes up success.

Putting yourself out there

Putting yourself out there puts you in line to benefit from being challenged so that you can grow and develop more in situations which provides you with the adequate pressure to progress and perform, while it also puts you in line to benefit from people who might have an interest in helping you get to where you want to be. I would have no problem taking out a payday loan from Mr Lender for example if I knew my nephew was super talented in a specific sport for example, but they didn’t have the funds to jump on a plane and get to where they need to be for something like a trial.