Are you looking for the perfect slot machine that brings excitement and fun your way while helping you earn money? Wild Run Slot is one of them. This crazy exciting slot machine game is one of the most sought-after slot games in the world. It is every casual gambler’s dream to win a jackpot in this game. Let’s learn about the Wild Run online slot.

The slotgames

Wild Run slot highlights animals from the wild that can help you win a small fortune. This slot runs from left to right and allows you to win in 243 different ways. There are no pay lines in this slot game which makes winning easier. There are 5 lines and 3 rows in this game which can increase your chances of winning manifold. Overall, it is a slot game for someone who wants to win small but win continuously. To win in this game, you will simply need three or more matching symbols in adjacent lines, whether straight or diagonal. This opens a new world of opportunities for you.

The design

The game is designed to make you feel you are roaming in an African jungle. It has tribal themes in the backgrounds and allows you play with a funky, tribal music as well. It will certainly be an experience of a lifetime. The game has 5-reel slots and 3 rows. Winning will be easier for you in this game. You will even find silhouettes of wild animals in the background which will add more depth to your overall gaming experience.

The tiles in this game are made of different wild animals and card symbols. However, there are four animal symbols that contain more value than others. These are the tiger, the buffalo, the rhino, and the elephant. Bigger animals will mean bigger payouts for you. However, playing card symbols in green, blue, yellow, and red have the lowest value. You should be looking for the big 4 animals in the symbols to get the maximum payouts.

They also have a wild symbol. This wild symbol is represented by a lion with a golden mane. If you get this wild symbol anywhere in the game, it will automatically be used to make a winning slot reel. This gives you an extra edge while playing. If works like a substitute tile. If you have two tigers in a row and the third is a wild symbol, the game will treat it as a third lion and give you the desired payout as well.

Features of Wild Run

  • On-A-Roll feature helps you in getting bonus points. It looks like a meter on the left side of the game. If you win a game, this meter gets 2x and you get a free spin. If you win again, it will go 3x and you will get more free spins and so on. This helps you win continuously.
  • Free spins- if you win three times in a row, the meter on the left gives you 4x the power and you get unlimited free spins on the game. It will end only when you get 4 spins with no wins in a row.
  • Extra wins- if you win the free spins, you can even get a 5x multiplier in the game as you get 5 extra wilds.

Verdict on Wild Run

Wild Run is the perfect game for casual as well as serious gamers. Gamblers love this game because it provides you extra spins and wins. Even if you play only for fun, this game will definitely be your first choice.